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Ukai/Corsette/Sangoire Stolen Art
«: August 08, 2012, 11:00:22 AM»
Ukai/Corsette/Sangoire Stolen Art
8 August 2012, 9:38 am

Knowing that I'd have appreciated the artwork, the other day a friend showed me something that Sangoire had posted publically as something she was working on (for a dream, I think).

Problem was, as soon as I saw it I recognised one of the pieces and asked Sangoire for the original sketch, assuming that it was her work and she was editing it for furcadia. However she then bluntly said that they were all created directing in FSH from her head.

...08/04/12 20:45:57 Dandere: hi! i saw those little pixel heads of yours (ithink) earlier and i love the original green deer thing but i cant find it on your pages ;~; do you have a link to it still? the like full original sketch of it

08/04/12 20:47:01 Sangoire: oh they are for npcs for a dream I am working on, there was no original sketch, they were all done in FSH using the furc pallete and my mind.

08/04/12 20:47:11 Sangoire: I do have the link still yes.

08/04/12 20:47:36 Sangoire:

So now I knew she had infact stolen the design/art and spent a while finding the original piece. I contacted her first knowing that it could have either been hers or at least giving her a chance to privately admit she "was inspired" by something.

So anyway, I finally found the poriginal piece

It's undeniable that Sangoire stole it. I haven't exactly traced it but for all I know it was sized down and then she traced and pixelated it (and added extra antlers)~

As this went on I then found out that Sangoire is the newest alt of artist Ukai/Corsette and personally this made it all a lot worse.

(15:04:45) Sangoire swaps to old alt.  (15:04:50) Sangoire: brb peeps <3333(15:06:10) Ukai: back ;-P  (15:06:16) Fox: Shear!  (15:06:22) Ukai; Sangoire/Corsette/Zepar yay

Ukai is, as far as I am aware, a pretty liked and respected artist who also makes money from her art and yet she has stolen work. My friend then confronted her again to which she pretty much denied being Ukai, despite another friend have logs of her saying she was and changing alts. She also saaaaid~

(17:37:24) Sangoire: Nothing on the internet is original. Fine I'll change it.

Although yes, she has been confronted and says she will change it, it's more her attitude that bothered me. As someone who makes money from her art on furcadia, she didn't at all see a problem with the fact she had stolen work, only that she got caught and then had to change it.

Muta (the original artist's) Pixiv:

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