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AngieAnomalous on Da
«: August 02, 2012, 05:00:16 PM»
AngieAnomalous on Da
2 August 2012, 2:26 pm

June 6th i was commissioned from this person to do some dragon beast, the payment was a rabben for life, so i acccepted it and worked on it. The information give was a description and 2 links, one of the wished head ( ) and the eastern dragon's body ( ). No scales, 3 pairs of eyes and no backlegs, also with a transparent background, so i was ok with that. The bad thing, that month i was very busy and stressed for the last month of school, going here and there making exams to be in a university, school travel for a week in the USA/Disney Land, more exams from the school and even when vacations arrived, i had to make MORE exams, so that month i couldnt work in the commission.

Finally, when i was free i could finish it and replied back with the work done (Jule 14th), and that's where the problems started. She didnt reply to me to the notes i sent her, but i knew she read them cause the golden icon turned off, also everytime i checked her Da always said she was online. Then one day she hid her activity, so i knew something was wrong now, made another reply the 20th telling her if she didnt have the lifer i could accept others or even paypal, no replies until the 24th saying: ''I haven't been really checking my dA recently. I have the panooki and I'll be on sometime tonight.'' No whispers that night, also she changed the lifer, at that point i didnt care, i just wanted the payment.

Waited more days for the whisper or note to come but nothing, sent her a new one the 28th telling her that i'm going to be online all night since i was staying at a friend's house, she read it but no replies. I have been waiting for a note or a whisper from this person, but the only thing i do see she replies are to comments from some people's art. I know she make some kind of novel, i was hoping this is the thing that get her busy, but contact and give payment doesnt take so much like (5-7 min at least). SO i dont know what to think, friends suggested to make the alert time ago since the first notes, but had patience with this person, but right now im wondering and not sure what to do at this point.

The piece of artwork is this one: In case someone sees it around, she's not allowed to use it until she pays, i dont have a use for it, so itts more probably going for sale if she doesnt contact me and give the lifer.

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