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Karlekat Artwork Issues - Jess/Khamja
«: July 29, 2012, 11:00:11 PM»
Karlekat Artwork Issues - Jess/Khamja
28 July 2012, 8:32 pm

Right... Where to begin.

I'll keep it fairly short, as this is more of a warning than 'OMG SOMEBODY STOLEZ'.

While in Tanzania, I noticed the alt 'Khamja' has a recoloured piece of artwork that, (with the alt it was intended for) has belong to me for years.

This is the original artwork that was recoloured, the black lion 'Kainen' in the top corner

That alt 'Kainen' is mine. He was purchased years ago from his creator with the KK artwork, Karlekat knows of this, she has agreed the artwork is not to be seen anywhere else.

(Note: Please disregard the Zealousite information. They are not the same people, though Jess did influence the whole scenario.)

This was the website on Khamja:

That notice about her being the rightful owner, is actually a load of bullshit, purely so she could use Kainens artwork. She recently told someone else that Zealousite was also stolen (That has been cleared up now)

Here is the recoloured image that is NOT to be seen anywhere:

I have collected serveral pieces of evidence, that show Khamja is Jess and that she was involved in the Zealousite accusations as well, however I have also been shown this screenshot - which shows the alt Khamja being sold last year by Jess

Unless anybody can prove that beyond the evidence I do not yet wish to show, please tell me anything you can.

This person seems to be very keen on falsely claiming KK artwork and either hording it or selling it off like the last incident.

Apologies, but if you have baught the name Khamja with that recoloured artwork, I'm afraid it's possibly stolen, but a recoloured/traced image that I and the artist cannot allow you to use.

Please be aware if you see the recolour anywhere. The original, as it is on the deviantart image, is what rightfully belongs to me.

Thank you.

EDIT: More slander about KK artwork from Jess. (I will not disclose who this is from)

EDIT: She has replaced all of Khamja's site information with logs from a friend of mine, who first showed me the stolen work. How petty, really.

The owner of Guest has stressed to me that the line she highlighted of his name, was directed in anger towards the person who tried to sue Zealousite, who at the beginning was assumed to be Khamja (it is not)

"(20:16:57) bullshark: lol whut ]

(20:17:09) Guest: {Somebody just clinging to KK artwork because they let alts expire and bitch about it.}

(20:17:28) bullshark: owo; ]

(20:19:34) Eyvindur: did karle even "

So post as many logs as you like.

Editeditedit: Whispered her again, once again ignored.

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