Author Topic: Frosti, Zephriam, Redpaw, Jassica All alts and DOES NOT PAY  (Read 432 times)

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Frosti, Zephriam, Redpaw, Jassica All alts and DOES NOT PAY
25 July 2012, 7:44 pm

I do not want anyone to harrass her, whisper her or anything about this, I just want to warn you all.

She scams. She hires, never pays and then has fits and accuses you of scamming when she doesn't get her stuff for free.

Currently she hired me on her newest alt frosti and said she'd give me a wolven for life and a kiwi for life then she changes it and tries to givve me a leonen expiring and yells at  me calling me a scammer saying I am unorganized that she had offered hte leonen in the first place and I ama lier when I have logs saying kiwi, canen, catten andwolven all for a dream set.

She is demanding I PAY HER now and harrassing my friends and texting me and calling me. She is on ignore by me now but I wanted to warn you all. She  is calling me a scammer when I was working on the commission and she just.. flipped out for no reason.

I do not scam, my many commissioners will attest to this that I complete my work and if i can't I refund right away or offer extra goodies if I for some reason am late on a when my computer caught on fire.

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