Author Topic: Frosti, Zephriam, Redpaw, Jassica Where have I heard this one before?  (Read 474 times)

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Frosti, Zephriam, Redpaw, Jassica Where have I heard this one before?
25 July 2012, 8:36 pm

Yup. She's been a very busy little furre today.

Before I get into anything, i don't have permission to post logs and Guardians have already been contacted.

Also i accept full responsibilty for not looking up that Frosti = Zephriam, Redpaw, Jassica BEFORE getting commissioned. MY fault, it's background checks from now on.


The quick version.

Frosti whispered me a while ago asking to buy one of my premades. I said she could not because it had already been bought.  so instead she asked to just commission me. I accepted.

I showed her the first lineart and she said she didn't like it, she wanted the whole thing redone. I agreed to, if only because it was just lineart. As compensation, she oferred more GD (original commission, 10 gd, new amount 15 gd).

When I finished the redone port she gladly approved of it and I got my 15 GD. She was polite to me the ENTIRE time, so I didn't have reason to suspect her (if only i had done a background check, alas).

On a later date she asked what I charged for fixing up a port she had drawn and fully shading it. I quoted a 5 gd base price (as i always do for fix'er-ups) and then said that I'd have to see the port to decided if more was needed. Not only did the lineart need a LOT of fixing, but she wanted wings, a crown, and jewelry added. So I said the total would be 7gd for all that and full shading. She said she only had 2.5 gd and 2 expiring digos. The digos were an ottifet and furling, both 1 monthers. I didn't want either and neither would sell. So instead we agreed that she;d donate the digos to a raffle I was holding and I'd do the port for 2.5 gd.

In addition to the fix-er-up she asked me to do free dream layout. A pentagram of floor tiles. I agreed... she was rather rude to me about it though and was acting superior... It was ridiculous, I screencaptued the logs of that ridiculousness... (they were also sent to guardians). She eventualy decided that she did not want it. Oh well.

She approved of the fix'er-up port and was about to pay for it when her situation wiht Keiroko broke out... She spun the whole situation when talking to me to make herself look innocent and even called the guardians useless... By the way, she sent me copied logfiles of her whisper conversation with the guardian as "proof" that the guardian wa s"yelling at her [frosti] and siding with teh scammer".

I would liek to say that, while I cannot post the logs, there was NOTHING in what she sent me to show that the guardian was doing ANY of the things she accused them of doing.

The whole situation made her mad adn she said she was goign to quit furc, I politely asked for ym 2.5 gd before hand. She said "right, the 2 gd", I plitely corrected her. It was 2.5 gd, not 2, and teh onyl reason I had corrected her was because i was alreayd getting roughly jack-shit for a LOT of hardwork that others would have gladly paid more for.

She suggested instead that I just keep the port... I have NO use for it, i could maybe get rid of all teh character specific stuff to make it a premade.. but that's even more work for maybe 3gd... Not worht it at all. I said "I would really prefer the GD, though I understand your situation."

then I got called "greedy" and she yeleld adn snapped and blah blah blah blah...

She logged off. So i contacted the guardians. And here we are.

This is pretyt much jsut an alert. Also, to a degree, some backing for Keiroko who was being scammed at the EXACT same time that I was and was being slandered in whispers to me. (so sorry Keiroko).

As for those digos...

She told me that she had sent the digos to the raffle winners (I haven't confirmed this yet). I've also notified the guardians about this in case she tries to demand her digos back from the innocent raffle winners.

So heads up to all. I really don't need anyone telling me "too bad" or "you should have blah blah". I'm jsut posting this as a heads up. Hopefully, this will be the last of this person and she will finally get banned... But who knows. Just.. you know.. beware.

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