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16 July 2012, 2:06 am

Hello, everyone.

I commissioned Azy/Dani/Skully/Danhel to do a portrait at the beginning of May.

I paid upfront and after a couple days, I heard nothing. As weeks passed, I sent e-mails and offline whispers that went in tone from nice and polite at the beginning to rather firm by the end of the whole ordeal. For the most part I was ignored; however on two occasions she appeared to promise me the art would be sent to me 'tomorrow'...and then the process would repeat. She logged on with various alts and was online, but simply ignored me most of the time - then would tell me she had not been online for months and hadn't seem my messages.

After two full months passed I told her I wanted a refund or I would have to pursue the matter with threads like this, through paypal, etc. This was also ignored.

Tonight, after a friend or two asked her about it, she told them she would be deleting my art and not refunding me. After further discussion, she said she'd refund me at some point...and then finally, she did give the refund.

However, she then told me she will be keeping the port(very clearly of my character) and selling it off. I do not have any images or anything of the sort.

As I asked around, I learned that I am one of the lucky ones - a lot of people are still waiting for art/refunds after as long as a year or more of being ignored.

So again, she did eventually refund the money(not without considerable drama), but has promised to sell a port of my character off to the highest bidder.

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