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Difficulties with dR-smiles/Ravenclaw
«: June 28, 2012, 11:00:13 PM»
Difficulties with dR-smiles/Ravenclaw
28 June 2012, 5:20 pm

On January 21st of 2012 I had contacted dR-smiles aka Ravenclaw, Bluejay, Hummel on furcadia, via msn. We conversed for a little while, silly banter and all that to keep the time going. Long story short, we got to talking about artwork, I told her how I liked hers, she liked mine. I asked if she would like a new background image, she said that she could use one.

I said in short 'I'd offer one in trade of a port ' in which she replied with 'I'd do a port in return (: '

(phantom.angel is me, aka the rainbowy text)

This is the log of that conversation:

and if you missed it

As you can see, she agreed to the trade. She then requested (not shown) That I send a commission sheet via msn I did so.

I'm an artist in my own right, my type of artwork isn't the typical character artwork. We had agreed one of my fractals for one of her ports. Later that evening (after conversing about pokemon and some other random banter) the image had finished rendering, mind you, this took 2 hours of MY time, and my effort, not to mention the rendering alone.

Here is the log of her receiving said file.

The second image is the file that was re-sized and taken as a preview image. I have a folder in which all my fractals go into and their names never change. This was the file that was sent. From her reaction, she likes the image. If she used it or not, I'm not 100% sure, but it's possible that she did. As far as I know it's still in her possession.

I waited and waited, sure we idly conversed now and again rarely in between, but I still never received my port.

Contacted her February 5th,

I was going through a lot at the time, my grandfather was in the hospital and things weren't going so well. From my understanding, she was okay with drawing him in his normal (non monster form) since I didn't have refs at the time. As she says ' You're welcome, and it's fine. Not a huge deal '.

I let her have her space, I know that Rome wasn't built in a day, so I figured I'd give her some time. For a while her commissions were closed and she had her own thing going on. I'm an understanding person when it comes to irl things.

Yet again, I waited, and waited some more.

Contacted her April 14th,

First off, she said she ' didn't do it ' because I didn't have refs. I posted refs as you can clearly see in the first DA note. All of my characters references are on their websites, and that's right on the first page. Apparently, she had ' forgotten ' about it, and was working on other peoples commissions at the time. Since she had ' forgotten ' I took it upon myself to remind her, by sending her yet another note on DA, this time, with a different character.

For quite some time, she had completely disappeared off my msn list, what had happened I'm not sure of. Then I stumbled upon one of her livestream streams and watched it for a few seconds. At the bottom I clearly see she was online. This only meant one thing. I was blocked. A few weeks later she appeared online again.

From April 14th till yesterday I had in fact conversed with her whenever she was online, but the portrait was never brought up. I had decided I'd wait a little longer to see if she was working on it. Conversations were always very brief and rather short. But sometimes people have busy lives and that's understandable.

Contacted yesterday, June 27th.

What happened here really surprised me, in all honesty, I didn't see it coming.

' Why are you still hanging onto this? '

I spent two hours of -my- time working on something for her, with the colors she had picked out. She received my half of the trade, yet has made no effort in completing her own.

' no offense but all you've been to me is an annoyance '

Annoying? How was I annoying? I didn't bug her every single day hour after hour about the port. How is that annoying?

If you knew you weren't going to do it, why agree to do it at the start.

I'm not trying to bash on anyone's name for the sake of doing so to try and ' hurt someone ' or ' get back at them '. All I want is what we agreed on. A portrait for a fractal.

I would advise not doing trades with her if this is her attitude. I just wanted to warn everyone in case she tries to do this to someone else.

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