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Contest closure - Del/Kovi/Shuga/Delusion etc
«: June 28, 2012, 05:00:10 AM»
Contest closure - Del/Kovi/Shuga/Delusion etc
28 June 2012, 4:11 am

I have attempted to contact the person running this contest, only to be met with a message that states that his or her private messages are closed.

Del, which is their username on FAZ, was running a contest. Aside from myself, four people (at least those listed on the thread) have entered, with thirteen images between us. A fairly decent haul of artwork, right?

So it was surprising to come online the following day, only to find it locked. The deadline is nowhere near due (July 30th), and there was not even a sniff of a reason visible as to why the thread had been locked.

I am currently waiting for the contest runner to get on Kovi, or any of the other alts listed on that particular thread, to see if there is an actual reason for suddenly doing this. If anyone knows anything, I'd be grateful!

This is the contest thread in question:

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