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Okay before anyone attacks anyone keep in mind that the person making the accusation plays the grandmother of the character being accused of stealing their design. and that there are only 4 main colors to play with.

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Okay, so it all started when Orphic (Aspena) and I (Iceal) saw a journal made by Glaciel (Sarruki on Da) regarding her characters design being stolen. As I was reading though it I realized who the target was and promptly went to defend both my designs creator and myself since I play the pup. I even uploaded a comparison chart to show that though the designs share the same colors, the two are not the same nor do they share the same personality. This was recent, though the design was given to me a month ago when I was first asked to play the pup.

Aspena and her mate have black fur. Aspena has white on her chest and therefor most of her pups carried this trait. However her mate was pure black and she had been talking about having one pure black pup with the blue and purple markings like the other pups she'd created before. This is where Glaciel started to throw a shit fit because my character wasn't carrying Aspena's white belly and therefor she feels that it's stealing her design. Her colors are in the linage because of being Aspena's mother and Aspena has her colors. The only reason she's throwing a fit now is because of the base.

Here is the family line with some of Apsena and Maccon's pups, as well as Glaciel and Miatanae.

Starting at the top you can see the parents of Aspena. Aspena then mated with Maccon to produce the pups below them. Notice how I am the only pup with the black base. This was to match Maccon since all the others carried the white belly. Notice how all pups designs are similar, and while keeping with that Aspena placed a design on the black base. Iceal's back stripe is broken way to show a pure black space, and the purple from Aspena sits under the blue on the back.

Here are the two characters side by side

Yes they have similarities, but that is to be expected since Aspena's white chest was left out leaving us with only 3 colors to work with. Glaciel is my characters grandmother meaning she's part of the linage. Someone had already told her if she didn't want her colors passed down, then not to have pups, or get out of the linage. Aspena has had many pups before this litter, and most have carried the white belly. I was the only exception when she wanted one to look more like Maccon. I even carry his yellow eyes. Glaciel's been giving a lot of trouble about the other designs as well but this is the one she's attacking the most.

Glaciel's design is very simple, consisting only of a backstripe, four purple colored toes, a small ring around each eye (which Aspena carries too)  and two toned ears. When Aspena made Iceal's design for me, she put both Aspena  and Maccon in the background and designed based off the two, with some of the other pups in mind. She wasn't referencing Glaciel's design at all, even though Glaciel is the grandmother.

Now a month later Glaciel is making journals and stalking both my deviantart and Aspena's deviantart. I've had someone who was arguing with me add me to their watch, to which I blocked them and removed it to get them off of it.

In basic biology you learn about dominant and recessive genes. Even though Aspena doesn't carry the double back stripe it doesn't mean that it's not carried down between  generations. So even if it doesn't appear on her, it's still able to appear on a pup down the linage. Just like in humans. People can look more like their grandparents then their parents.

Personally I find this whole design thing to be stupid, because I love Iceal's design the way it is and I'm not about to change it because out of all the people who've seen it, 2 seem to think that they can go out and say that we've stolen Glaciel's design. I was told that Glaciel has also attacked people for having similar names to hers on Furcadia as well. Even though names are similar the designs are not. Iceal and Icella are both in the same dream frequently yet the two designs are so completely different that the name similarity doesn't matter at all. Just like Ive seen people with Christina and Cristina. Alternate spellings yes, same characters, no. You can't tell people not to use a name because it looks too much like yours. Especially when nothing resembles the other.

So now I'm asking you, please confirm that although the designs share the same color and black base that they are not duplicates of one another. I'm sick of hearing that Iceal's design is stolen by Glaciel and her mate Miatanae (who was all to eager to rush to Glaciel's defense when proof stared her in the face). I don't want anyone harassing Glaciel or Miatanae, but I do want feed back here on what to do and how to go about this. I already spoke to a guradian and they won't help because they can't do anything about designs. They said posting here would be a good idea.

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