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Dogpuke/Ira/Ira Invidia
«: June 23, 2012, 05:00:06 PM»
Dogpuke/Ira/Ira Invidia
23 June 2012, 1:46 pm

On 13th May I was message by Dogpuke on Deviatnart asking to commission me for a few pieces. It was agreed that I would draw her a port and chibi for her character Ira in which she would pay me once I had finished both pieces and before I handed over the non-watermarked versions. Things went pretty smoothly, she kept in contact, usually within the same day as I messaged her and in the end the commission increased to 2 chibis and a port and her asking for a full body flat colour image. I agreed to take on more work and sent her a message asking what she wanted etc.

After 5 days of no reply (which was odd considering she had been so good at replying to my messages before) I decided to message her again. 3 days went by with yet again no reply, despite her da saying that she had be active, I decided to leave a comment on her homepage. Still nothing, and after waiting another 2 weeks, I decided to send her this note;

After sending the message, I made sure to keep a eye on her activity, in which she had been online at least twice since sending the note. However, after a few days of sending the message, I came across a form on FAM about a scammer known as Ira/Ira Invidia. Instantly remembering that Ira was the name of the character Dogpuke had asked the art to be commissioned for I decided to investigate to see if they were they same person. After asking someone to confirm whether they were the same person, in which it turned out she was the same person who has been scamming people.

Of course my instant reaction was to post a warning thread on here as soon as, but decided to allow the 7 day period instead to see if I could at least get some contact from her to be able to try and get answers etc. Of course this has failed to happen.

I also discovered that she has in fact scammed other people art-wise on FA and has been posted on "Artists Beware" on livejounral.

Here are the images I produced and showed Dogpuke/Ira during the commission period;

Unlike everyone else I have not receive any money from them at all and therefore haven't had any chargebacks on my paypal account. Therefore she does not have the non-watercoloured versions of the artwork. However, this does not mean that i'm not keeping an eye out for the artwork. It should not be used as a reference or edited in any way. If anyone sees these images anywhere other than this thread and my DA Stash then please inform me. Thank you.

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