Author Topic: Canicide (Ezaziel in-game) Stealing Tyrannosaurus  (Read 1193 times)

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Canicide (Ezaziel in-game) Stealing Tyrannosaurus
«: June 23, 2012, 12:29:34 PM»
Last night I received a PM from FAM user Canicide (now deleted) looking to buy Tyrannosaurus for $25. I set and sent the password and they proceeded to delete their FAM account (or it was deleted?) and changed the password for Tyrannosaurus with no payment. Ezaziel logged on and right back off within the past hour without initiating contact. I've already ICQed Cironir, so it should all be cleared up pretty quick - just a heads up about the situation and an advisement to steer clear.

Edit: Checking into the situation further with my sales records, I recently sold the alt Ripe to the same FAM user, Canicide, whose account is now deleted. They paid me 5GD through Cristelle at 11:25PM FST last night according to my Furc logs.
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«Reply #1: June 24, 2012, 07:26:02 PM»
Tyrannosaurus logged in a moment ago, I initiated contact and they said they couldn't pay at the time but were paying now. Payment received in full, please lock.
$20 MF Uni, $15 Triwing, $20 Wyrmme, $10 Pookie, $10 Catling, $10 Parotu, ++

An Assload of Amazing Alts, All Available ASAP!
No price listed in the main post? Hit me up with $5 $1 and we've got a DEAL!

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Re: Canicide (Ezaziel in-game) Stealing Tyrannosaurus
«Reply #2: July 05, 2012, 03:42:09 PM»
Posting at the request of Ezaziel for her side of the story.

(17:54:47) Valairia: I don't know if it's about you or possibly someone before you, but I don't know if you were aware of a post on FAM on June 23rd >.> It says it's been resolved, but still. :x
(17:57:08) Ezaziel: I was aware.. after the issue was resolved. I didn't have a chance to post and I wasn't gone for very long either. I have the logs to prove it. Cougar got it locked before I could post what happened on the board. His stupid small post about the situation doesn't make my end look good.
(17:57:41) Ezaziel: I did pay in full, as I promised I would.
(17:57:56) Valairia: I just didn't know if you were aware of it or not, since there were no other postings. I'm not blaming you, don't think that. I just think everyone deserves a chance to know, even if it's been resolved and locked.
(17:58:30) Ezaziel: Well Cougar didn't tell me.
(17:58:36) Ezaziel: I found it on my own after it was resolved.
(17:58:45) Ezaziel: The ass hole didn't even wait or message me about anything.
(17:58:48) Valairia: Well that was damned unfair. Cougar was supposed to inform you or someone else. It's part of the TOS.
(17:59:01) Ezaziel: And I was only gone for 1 day
(17:59:03) Ezaziel: not even.
(17:59:14) Valairia: But like I said, I didn't know if you knew about it, that's all :x Sorry if I struck a bad chord or anything.
(17:59:17) Ezaziel: He didn't even wait for me to accept the payment price either.
(17:59:31) Ezaziel: He sent me the pass.. and that was it.
(17:59:31) Valairia: What you could do, is message Zim (I think it is, and ask him to input something on it)
(17:59:42) Valairia: He'll put your side down, resolved or not, I believe.
(17:59:44) Ezaziel: If I can catch him I will.
(17:59:45) Valairia: To get your side of the story.
(17:59:48) Valairia: PM on FAM?
(18:01:02) Valairia: FAM VIA PM.
(18:01:09) Ezaziel: 'cause I did close my fam account but that was to create the new one Tyrannosaurus which I now have, and I changed the pass 'cause I had to leave to go somewhere and didn't have a chance to finish what i was doing. My payment shit was open all night long. I had to get groceries with my mom ( she was recently hurt and needed help *she was hit by a car* and I ended up at a friends house with no internet after with no means of contacting Cougar. When I came back I logged in a paid.
(18:01:09) Valairia: err fucking wrong window
(18:01:36) Ezaziel: The only reason I changed the pass was so he couldn't change it on me since I wasn't gonna be home.
(18:01:56) Valairia: This was over a 24-48 hour period? o.0
(18:02:02) Ezaziel: No.
(18:02:05) Ezaziel: Not even.
(18:02:08) Valairia: Wow, people are getting fucking crazy over alts ><
(18:02:10) Ezaziel: I was gone for 12 hours.
(18:02:25) Ezaziel: and he said Eza logged in and out.
(18:02:34) Valairia: Which, I doubt he's got proof of it
(18:02:55) Ezaziel: I logged it in for a bit before, and when I close my screen it takes 10 - 15 minutes for it to close furc.
(18:03:01) Ezaziel: My internet still runs when I close it.
(18:03:08) Valairia: Which is normal.
(18:03:19) Ezaziel: If he fucking took the time to check, none of my alts were online all night.
(18:03:22) Valairia: Jesus, he owns over 2 thousand alts (2353)
(18:03:37) Ezaziel: and he posted Cristelle's name which isn't mine.
(18:03:43) Ezaziel: I asked for a friend.
(18:03:52) Ezaziel: on my fam account and she paid him.
(18:03:53) Ezaziel: not me.
(18:04:17) Ezaziel: So he assumed that 'cause the payment came from Cristelle it was automatically me who paid.
(18:04:40) Valairia: Shit, this person has all the time in the world to obtain that many alts, to acquire that much money to get these alts, and throws a shit fit over one fucking alt.. People have no lives [email protected]
(18:05:18) Valairia: You know what, this "Cougar" just got that much more pathetic
(18:05:18) Ezaziel: I won't be buying anymore alts from him at all I'm not happy about a tarnished name because someone couldn't wait to send me the password when we were both online. I had shit to do, so I wasn't gonna leave it the same.
(18:05:30) Ezaziel: The fact he tried to log into the alt shows me he didn't wait at all.
(18:05:37) Ezaziel: Or he was trying to change it back.
(18:05:42) Valairia: Nope, I agree with you
(18:05:52) Ezaziel: For my safety I changed it.
(18:05:56) Ezaziel: He was still paid.
(18:06:03) Ezaziel: The full $35 he wanted
(18:06:22) Ezaziel: Even though he didn't even give me a price when I asked about it he told me to send $35 and gave the password at the same time.
(18:06:39) Ezaziel: There was no space for me to negotiate and there was no listed price for it either.
(18:06:54) Valairia: he wrote it down on the thing as 25
(18:07:01) Ezaziel: ......
(18:07:03) Ezaziel: That ass hole.
(18:07:08) Valairia:
(18:07:12) Ezaziel: When I searched it, it wasn't there.
(18:07:25) Ezaziel: I literally looked it up and found nothing.
(18:07:46) Valairia: That's the link to the topic right there
(18:08:08) Ezaziel: Yeah I see it. It's been edited.
(18:08:18) Ezaziel: $25 was not included before.
(18:08:38) Ezaziel: and it wasn't $25 either since I remember sending him more.
(18:08:45) Valairia: The only reason I brought this up is 'cause I saw the name and went "I...dont know that person but see them lots"
(18:08:51) Ezaziel: x3;
(18:08:56) Ezaziel: I'll contact Zim to have that removed.
(18:09:00) Valairia: If you got proof, send it to Zim and be like "He lied" Zim will do something about it
(18:09:07) Ezaziel: I do have proof.
(18:09:07) Valairia: And if you want, I can send it to him if you don't got a FAm account.
(18:09:17) Ezaziel: and I did delete the account but I made Tyrannosaurus right after it.
(18:09:29) Ezaziel: Since I didn't wanna have 2 accounts or change the name.
(18:09:38) Ezaziel: But I have a screenie of my screen.
(18:09:38) Valairia: you might want to point out the 5GD thing from Cristelle at 11 25 PM FST thing, too.
(18:09:45) Ezaziel: I'm gonna.
(18:10:11) Ezaziel: I'm also gonna bitch about Cougar since he didn't contact me about the post he made.
(18:10:15) Ezaziel: He just did it.
(18:10:35) Ezaziel: When I logged in he was all "hi" and I responded and asked for his e-mail again and he was all "oh you're paying"
(18:10:35) Valairia: bring it up to Zim, request to zim take it down since it was NOT a scam. Ciro won't do anything about it regardless of being contacted unless it's been over 24 hours, too
(18:10:36) Ezaziel: 1 sec.
(18:10:48) Ezaziel: Gonna show you the logs.
(18:10:53) Valairia: You dun gotta =/
(18:10:57) * Valairia believes you.
(18:11:04) Ezaziel: Nono I wanna show you what he said.
(18:11:11) Ezaziel: He acted like I wasn't gonna pay him
(18:11:55) Ezaziel: Oh it is $25.
(18:12:00) Ezaziel: So the $35 I send to someone else
(18:12:06) Ezaziel: For another alt then
(18:12:14) Valairia: Do you remember who/what alt?
(18:12:23) Ezaziel: The $35 dollar one?
(18:12:27) Valairia: yeah
(18:12:40) Ezaziel: If I check my PP it should say since I noted it.
<Logs removed because of lack of permission>
(18:12:58) Valairia: FYI: You cannot post publically the whisper logs on the forums, BUT you can send them through PM to Zim, he'll look through it an either take down the post or bitch out cougar. He's good for it
(18:13:36) Ezaziel: See, the last bit shows I read the post after.. but he never told me about it.
(18:13:44) Ezaziel: I was really mad when I saw it.
(18:14:20) Ezaziel: He didn't even post what happened either.
(18:14:26) Valairia: No, I see that.
(18:14:32) Ezaziel: He just wrote; Tyrannosaurus logged in a moment ago, I initiated contact and they said they couldn't pay at the time but were paying now. Payment received in full, please lock.
(18:14:35) Valairia: But you explained it to you
(18:14:49) Valairia: err you explained to him
(18:14:52) Valairia: Did you tell that to Ciro?
(18:15:00) Ezaziel: That "couldn't pay at the time" makes me look like I'm not reliable.
(18:15:10) Ezaziel: No ciro neer contacted me.
(18:15:31) Valairia: Like I said, send those logs to Zim in PM. He'll check it out
(18:15:52) Valairia: If he feels that Cougar put down incorrect info, he'll bitch'em out or take down the post
(18:16:07) Valairia: btw, I love Ez's port It's cute
(18:16:47) Ezaziel: I'll give him a shout since it is incorrect. I know it looked odd when I removed the account but I had to, to make a new one and it was right in the middle of when I left too. Cougar should have whispered Eza first before putting that up.
(18:17:06) Valairia: If you want, I'm on the forum now, I can send the logs to him
(18:17:15) Ezaziel: Go for it.
(18:17:23) Valairia: May I use this ENTIRE conversation to show that I showed you?
(18:17:35) Ezaziel: I was gonna leave it since it was locked I didn't know Zim could do anything.
(18:17:36) * Valairia is only asking incase he asks me if I had permission.
(18:17:42) Ezaziel: Yeah go for it.
(18:17:50) Valairia: Oh, Zim can, Zims almighty for that. And he's a good person.
(18:18:02) * Valairia sends from this point on; unless Ez-baby wants to add anything else.
(18:18:07) Ezaziel: Well hopefully my side can be added then 'cause I'd like it to.
(18:18:14) Valairia: Mkay :3
(18:18:24) Ezaziel: It's more informative then Cougar's small post.
(18:18:30) Valairia: Definately.
(18:18:33) Valairia: I'll PM him now.
(18:18:53) Ezaziel: Especially since he didn't wait. Had I known I wasn't gonna be coming back home I would have payed first.
(18:19:20) Ezaziel: But I've been scammed once already by Peet so I wasn't risking sending money and then having it fuck me over.
(18:21:15) Ezaziel: I'm 20 years old too, so why Cougar would think I'd scam him out of an alt is beside me.
(18:21:54) Valairia: I don't know. But people are really bitchy about alts, and think they need to own the world =/
(18:22:11) Valairia: Makes me happy I'm mostly outta it unless someone wants one of mine, granted there's onyl two I want but I know i'll never acquire.
(18:22:20) * Valairia's 25, so knows how you feel after being scammed repeatedly, too.

I'm not going to "bitch anyone out," but I'd like to remind you to not jump the gun at the first sign of something suspicious. Stuff happens. Next time, please try to get all the information you can before making an alert, including doing what you can to contact the user. If anything else, wait for the paypal before sending over the password to avoid something like this in the future.

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