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20 June 2012, 9:04 pm

So, this user ( Demolish ) contacted me about my recent thread about my wanting a port artist for a shark port. They said they'd make it, and if I didn't like it, I didn't have to pay for it, which is pretty nice and fair, right? Well. After they made the portrait and showed it to me, it looked oddly familiar, like a photo I'd seen already, so I asked them if they traced or painted over it. They said no, etc etc. Their port looked the same ( oddly similar to a photo ) so I asked about that too. They denied it at first, until I did a synced up gif of the port and the photo. I did one of the shark, too. Heres the logs. I basically removed everything they said because they didn't want what they said to be posted. So here:

(13:34:48) David: Yeah.

(13:41:56) David: Sure. :o

(13:43:08) David: Yeah.

(13:44:00) David: I love views from beneath ( like in Jaws ) and views from above looking into an open mouth. Profiles are nice too.

(13:45:18) David: Sure.

(13:47:05) David: Nope.

(17:20:50) David: Do you have a sketch

(17:22:47) David: A sketch of the image, or do you paint over a photo or something?

(17:24:20) David: You don't sketch?

(17:24:29) David: Odd

(17:27:50) David: It just looks like a photo, it's odd

(17:45:04) David: I'm sorry if this sounds rude but your current port and the one you made for me just look like photographs that were painted over/blurred a little with details thrown on.

(17:45:47) David: I don't have the gimp program

(17:46:10) David: Nope.

(17:46:32) David: I don't like gimp, it's like the gum on a hot sidewalk in the art program society lol

(17:49:24) David: Yeah, like you took one, smudged it/painted over it and then doodled over it a little with a small brush.

(17:49:49) David: Esp. your current port, it lookes like a smudged photograph that may have been editted/recolored

(17:50:37) David: Well, it looks that way.

(17:52:31) David: I dunno

(17:54:24) David: ...Hm.

(17:54:27) David:

(17:54:28) David:  ?

(17:55:15) David: Its your port.

(17:55:45) David: Layer time~

(17:57:22) David: Irony! It lines up perfectly!

(17:58:17) David: It looks the same.

(17:58:18) David: Lol.

(17:58:24) David: It's the same exact wolf, holy crap. :p

(17:59:37) David: I'm not being sarcastic at all!

(17:59:46) David: It's the same exact wolf, it lines up identically.

(18:01:25) David: It's kinda a form of stealin', honeybuns.

(18:01:38) David: That heavily? Goodness.

(18:02:48) David: Your port is.

(18:05:52) David: Are you capable of drawing something on  your own without reference?

(18:07:02) David: do show

(18:07:17) David:

(18:10:00) David: Ears match, eyes match, nose his a little shorter but identical otherwise, mouth is identical but plased differently, eyes are definately identical throat was trimmed of the fuzz

(18:13:27) David: Not to that extent.

(18:13:48) David: If you give me a photograph, I'll draw it, but I'm not going to try to make a carbon copy of it.

(18:14:09) David: It removes the uniqueness from it and makes it unoriginal and unpleasant to look at.

(18:14:50) David: Yeah, it does.

(18:15:03) David: Especially since it's a photograph taken by someone and not the real thing.

(18:15:43) David: the real thing will never be the same

(18:15:49) David: it'll be unique each and every time

(18:17:03) David: its not going to be the same a second later unless its landscape at the EXACT angle of the camera it was to the previous image, or if the animal is dead and (same with camera thing i just mentioned )

(18:21:47) David: Wow you're kind of ignorant.

(18:21:54) David: Anything to defend what you do, though, I suppose.

(18:22:15) David: A photograph is different from recreating the same picture but altering it to make it your own.

(18:22:50) David: It's copying which IS frowned upon.

(18:24:20) David: I'm sorry my retarded, pea sized corn kernal of a brain doesn't know what that word means. But that's expected.

(18:26:27) David: your shark looks like it has a goider

(18:27:19) David: goodness you're defensive!

(18:27:30) David: i assume you're used to people kissing your toes for replicating photos

(18:27:59) David: either that or you've been called out before, know what you're doing is wrong and dont want to admit it

(18:28:14) David: yes, you are being a bit offensive

(18:28:21) David: you're also being defensive however

(18:28:39) David: your typo did speak the truth however  

(18:30:33) David: No, because you heavily reference photos and I prefer original art.

(18:31:56) David: im not talking about just the shark, strawberry

(18:32:43) David: the shark is too, you basically did what you did with the wolf

(18:32:48) David: you changed the background up and altered it

(18:33:04) David: though with the shark, you threw in a bloody seal in its mouth

(18:33:28) David: looks damn similar to me.

(18:36:06) David: i rotated the reference image and it lines up.

(18:36:07) David: js~

(18:36:31) David: the markings arent identical, but you're known for altering those  

(18:39:45) David: im making it, pet

(18:40:47) David:

(18:41:01) David: I'm sure you'll pull the minor differences you toss in out of your ass but that's expected

(18:42:20) David: Wow, you're not an artist then.

(18:43:41) David: Man you butthurt easily.

(18:44:19) David: friend of mine wants to know if you have a da or a thread

(18:44:53) David: would you say you're claiming this as your own work?

(18:45:40) David: With or without your permission, I'm gonna put up an art warning on faz.

(18:45:49) David: Of course I have to ask if I have your permission to post these logs.

But yeah, to that last bit about claiming this work as their own, they pretty much said yes completely. :I

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