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Latifah / Yogurt - Non-Payer
«: June 16, 2012, 05:00:07 PM»
Latifah / Yogurt - Non-Payer
16 June 2012, 12:50 pm

This post is an alert about the FAZ user Latifah. Her known Furcadia alts are Yogurt, Fishnets, and Kytten. There may be more.

I don't -want- to do this, but she leaves me no choice.

I received interest in a portrait commission by this person on May 13th, in response to a post I made on her thread, where she detailed she was seeking to commission 4 portraits per month for 4 months. This is the thread:

She gave me the character info and references, and I worked on her portrait. Originally the 18th was my pay date, but I was moved to June 1st, which was fine with me. I completed the portrait well before that date, and showed her a preview (which she was thoroughly happy with), though I did not send her the actual portrait. She could have, however, ripped it off of my dA, FA, or FAZ gallery, since this portrait was nonremap.

This person had been nothing but nice and polite to me, so I didn't have any worries, until I checked on June 1st, and I hadn't received payment, or any word on the matter. I sent a message on the 2nd, asking why she had not paid, though I resent my Paypal info and asked her to pay ASAP.

In the meantime, I made another thread:

Detailing my concern about the matter, and how long was too long before I really began to get upset. Rex T-Rex, as you can see by her posts, is in the same boat I am, and also did not receive the $10 Latifah owes her, and me. She did point out, however, that Erde, who had also been commissioned (according to Latifah's thread) had already been paid, but did not complete the work. We find this extremely unfair, since this person was paid well before the paydate, AND their work is, as of yet, unfinished. But we are left unpaid, while both Rex and I finished our portraits at least a week in advance, and have been quite patient with her.

We decided to give this person until June 15th, which was listed as the paydate for the next round of commissions. I waited the entire day, and here we are, on June 16th, and my Paypal is still empty.

Latifah was absent for a while, though Rex pointed out that her last login (at the time) was on the 3rd of June, and she sent her message of concern on the 4th, so Latifah wouldn't have seen it. I, however, sent my message on the 2nd (as previously stated), so she would've seen it, but did not bother to reply, until the 10th. Her message stated she was without internet, and would pay immediately. I was skeptical, but understanding, and waited for my payment. Nothing.

I think she has had more than enough time to pay what she owes. Commissioning someone without the money in your pocket is bad enough as it is.. but paying someone else who hadn't even finished their piece(s) is even more of an insult.

Personally, both Rex and I agree that we would much rather get paid and let this thing drop. I don't know about hers, but the portrait I made was nonremap, and it would be extremely difficult to edit it for a premade, not to mention take a lot of time. $10 really isn't that much.

In any case, until such a time that both Rex and I are paid for our work, this thread stands as a warning to all artists (or anyone depending on her for payment) that Latifah / Yogurt / Fishnets / Kytten does not pay for what they get.

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