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Contraband - Design Theft
«: June 14, 2012, 11:00:18 AM»
Contraband - Design Theft
11 June 2012, 9:18 pm

Update: The user Lustlorn on dA is clear. It turns out that she had bought the design from another person on dA. After I asked them for their Furc info and my friend badgered them on an alt in-game. Contraband admitted to stealing the design, and refunded everyone's money.

About a week ago, a user on dA (Lustlorn) contacted me on that site, seeing that I was in the market for some designs on FAZ and FAM. They showed me a particular design, a purple wolf hybrid, that they would accept a small amount of Paypal for an a few of my alt of their choice. I told them I needed to think on it, as I had my doubt. So, I posted on here, asking about the design. I learned that it was alice.okai's design originally. So, I asked her who had bought it, but she did not name anyone or give out any information on them (which is fine). Afterwards, I approached "Lustlorn", and asked who they got it from, and in what manner. Since the facts added up, I felt more comfortable making a transaction with them. I sent money to [email protected], and gave them three of my alts.

Now today, I found out that Jaele on Furcadia own the rights to this character design, and she was the one who alice.okai actually sold to.

Does anyone know of this person by anything more than their now-disactivated dA?

They should be running around on my alts Storytime, Willowy, and Airy. I do not have Furcadia and cannot access it from this computer, so I would not know of any of their other alts. Their Paypal e-mail is [email protected].

Now, I'm disputing with Paypal. The alts I couldn't care less about, and although it was only a small amount via Paypal, it kind of sucks because now I have no design.

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