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Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«: June 04, 2012, 02:37:05 AM»
So I just read through (( this )) thread. It's been dead for a long, long time, but it got me thinking.

I agree with clicking on someone, then going, "Oh, God, what? Why?" when comparing the name with the design. I've done it more than a few times.

However, I don't know if this is a good idea or not, and I don't want to start a thread that'll degenerate into a shit-slinging contest, but... if you have a name where people think the design doesn't fit all that well, maybe give a brief overview as to why you put that design to that name? Or maybe if you just want to talk about your character's design?

For example, my main - Restrict.

He typically wears almost cybergoth, Hot Topic style bondage skirts (the floor length 'man skirts' with all the zippers, pockets and chains) and a leather vest, but that's... not what got him his alt name. His clothes are a direct result of the cyber goth EBM industrial aggrotech music I was listening to at the time.

His alt name comes in with, one, personality:
Despite dressing like he does, he keeps himself distant and, well, restrained around people. He keeps a set emotional distance from people, because he has the cliche'd horrible horrible horrible event in his history where he's scared of getting close to anyone, either for fear that he'll lose them, or that they'll find out what he is. (A species that I made up that, in my headworld, is listed as kill on sight)

And two, his arm strappy things:
Res wears leather straps from wrist to shoulder. Never takes 'em off. They've worn grooves in his skin.
He wears them of his own free will, but they're something he refuses to talk about freely. To him, they're a symbol of being helpless, having one's hands metaphorically tied. IE: He was absolutely useless when his entire pack/village/tribe/whatever got wiped out. He was also just a kid, but he's got survivor's guilt.

... And that's how I associate the name 'Restrict' with the character design. 8D </ example>
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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #1: June 04, 2012, 03:07:07 AM»
Honestly I can agree with most of this. Though I live more on the side of 'let people do as they wish' with their name's, type thing. Though usually I do find myself going "Wtf?" after clicking a WORD name. xD Everyday average names though, I kinda get annoyed if people say, oh, that's from -enter TV show / Movie / RL famous person name here- why don't you RP them as that specified person / character?

I agree though. Explaining as to why would be cool. Though if they don't have a reason... Well. It is their character, after all. xD

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #2: June 04, 2012, 05:10:09 AM»
With me, I usually think of the design first and then the name. I'm not sure if any of mine are wtf-worthy in that respect, but I do enjoy reading about why people choose the names that they do for their characters.

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #3: June 04, 2012, 05:31:19 AM»
I am guilty of the complete and utter confusion that comes with alts and their designs. I turned 'Fascist' into an Indian bellydancer naga, and I still have no explanation as to how the two associated themselves in my head. I think that is the only one that has hit so far off in left field, though.

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #4: June 05, 2012, 12:24:25 PM»
I just made a left-fielder as well, and just like Synthetic, I have no real explanation... yet.

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #5: June 05, 2012, 03:35:18 PM»
Please remember to keep all posts relevant, thoughtful and well thought out.

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #6: June 05, 2012, 03:55:50 PM»
Anyone with any inkling of knowledge in the theological field can tell you that Adonai is one of the names for God, but I have used the alt name for a mercenary with a steam-powered prosthetic leg. Why? Some names just roll better on the tongue than others. He's a big guy, tough, kind of handsome in that contradictory 'damn, you ugly son' bad boy way with a lot of scars, and a 'no fucks to give' attitude. However, I'm not going to sit there giving him a name like Brutus or Ivan just because he's a huge piece of meat. A: no, and B: fuck no.

I caught some flack for "desecrating a holy name", but it's not their character, and the people who were so butthurt over it seemed to forget how many 'holy names' we use every day. My choosing 'Adonai' is no more a sin than their sitting in a circle saying "motherfucking god damn, jesus" and using alts like the name Jesus to play some butt-humping furry.

It all comes down to opinion and inspiration. Sometimes it's not the word we see, but the sound. If we like the sound, we use the word and make a name. I think it's as simple as that.
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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #7: June 05, 2012, 10:24:56 PM»
I design first and toss on a name later. Like I have a tall, lanky, awkward rabbit, with a thick southern accent who makes beer... and her name is Lye. I also the name Oktober, and she's a yellow and green raccoon chick. I never really mesh names and designs.
Oh and Inque. No one ever seems to have watched Batman Beyond, so I thankfully never get any flack for her.
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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #8: June 08, 2012, 01:06:38 PM»
I usually tend to design my characters and then name them - it's a lot easier for me to name something after I've got a visual. For example, my first fursona was named Lacie (or one of the variations, it's been so long) and she was a lolita bunny, designed with soft, pastel colors.

Occasionally I'll see a name and a design will just pop into my head, like Tantra. Although I don't have the alt anymore, I use her on other places, and she is constantly the dark-colored cabbit seductress. So far, I'm working on revamping some designs I have - Druidess ended up an earthy, nymph-like human with antlers (I like antlers, despite the gender), Corrupt is a black goat anthro, Mer is a (shocker) mermaid, Whirlpool the shark, and Peaceful is a priestess.

I also have some names that kind of popped up... my stray dog design ended up with "Padlock," a kirin ended up with "Shrine," and Splendid is an overly-happy mad scientist thing.

I usually won't buy a name if it has a design that doesn't make sense in my head.

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #9: June 12, 2012, 09:14:20 AM»
I'm kind of inbetween on this. I mean, sure it's disappointing to see a good a really good name "go to waste", but then on the other end if you design an alt so obviously to fit the name it's really boring and unoriginal, it's so predictable.

I would say most of my alts are generally designed to match their names.
I have the really obvious ones: Trooper is an army dog, Ha is a joker, Hemp is a hippie.
The ones that don't really make sense but actually do: Cattle is a cattle/shepherd dog, Shrooms is a cat with/on shrooms.
And then the ones that have a deeper meaning: Meds is a "sick"/insane raptor, Prisoner has his backstory and references to being a prisoner/jail.
Oh yeah, then there's the completely unoriginal ones like Tusker, who's duh, a tusker. But then again I would probably get a lot of shit if I made him a woolie or something wouldn't I? I'll keep that in mind though when I feel like pissing people off. (:

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #10: June 28, 2012, 07:29:18 PM»
This thread has gotten me good with the alts + design part. I have a few alts that typically make sense. Like my alt Depress, a fox+lynx+ram hybrid was created and due to it he was given the disorder of depression so he is always a downer. Although with my other alts which I did not get a design and get an alt name for them, they make little sense to me. Inilla is a wolverine, Winty is a black and white cat, and my second main Belove is a fox+bat hybrid who had genetic mutations and removed of her eyes and had both her eyes and mouth stitched shut. I am still trying to make a back drop story to why Belove is...well.. Belove but hopefully I can tie her name in with her history.

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #11: July 17, 2012, 01:09:18 AM»
I do both. I picked up the name Solstice, and then designed around it. But for one, I bought a design, then gave it a name. I like trying to have names that fit, or are utterly opposite.
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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #12: July 17, 2012, 10:14:01 AM»
some names sound cool as fuck regardless of the meaning. sometimes you get bonus brownie points if the name nicely correlates to an aspect of the character in a subtle manner - not like naming a demonic character 'lucifer' or something shitty and cliche but maybe having a man of 'questionable' moral stature named 'crowley' or 'heathcliff' or whatever.

with that being said, a character's design does not necessarily have to be faithful to the ideation of its name at all and usually it's better that way. hell... you grab a name like 'annabelle' or 'elanor' or 'agnes'... you know names firmly associated with  prim and proper and antiquated goodly little stiffs and went off base with a totally perverse character. you could grab a 'trusting' name like 'bennedictus' or 'deacon' and make him a total assnozzle. whatever.

it honestly only gets weird/stupid when people resort to using... unnatural.. words.. for their characters, like 'lavalamp' or 'cumulonimbus' or 'lumbertruck' rather than 'practical' names for their characters

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Re: Alts+Designs - Why THAT name?
«Reply #13: July 23, 2012, 01:38:38 PM»
I do a general mix of my designing, I might come up with a character idea first and then pick a name, or I design my character around its name. Its a 50/50 thing depending upon what inspires me to create the character.

Ive seen a mix of awesome characters with awesome names, alongside good names that just have designs that dont make sense. In Furcadia, you really learn to expect the unexpected in rare cases.