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Definite Scammer
«: June 02, 2012, 10:08:03 AM»
(Sorry if a thread about this chick has already been made. I did not notice one. :l)

So this is the second time I've encountered this about the same person.

Ira Invidia (I believe her name on FAM is just Ira).

She purchased a Life Phoenix from me back on the 21st for $45. Just the other day I heard about her disputing the money that she had sent to someone else for a Life Foxen. Now she's doing the same for me. Either this person is attempting to get free digos or she used a credit card that she shouldn't have used.

Sellers beware! I would bet my now negative balanced PayPal on the fact that if you sell to her, the charges will be reversed. Hopefully something can be done about her and either I get my phoenix back or my money; I hope the same for Korynn.
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Re: Definite Scammer
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I sold her two port spaces for $10 it too and now my paypal is in the negative! Sounds like a scammer to me, Everyone please watch out for this person!!!!

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Re: Definite Scammer
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First off, you MUST contact the guardians before posting in this board.

Have you done so?

contact: anders

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Re: Definite Scammer
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Re: Definite Scammer
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I had hoped to resolve this without contacting guardians, but it's been near a week since the paypal dispute and I haven't heard from her (she hasn't bothered to block me on skype, but won't reply to my messages). Seeing that it's not just me, I've also sent my own information to the guardians; hopefully this gets resolved.