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Vin/Vango again.
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Okay, so this might not be of any surprise but Vin/Vango is up to his old self. Vango and I met about 6 years ago, and I was under the name Nevaeh. I have taken the steps to contact the guardians. Here's what happened.

I, once upon a time, used to RP with Vango a LOT as Nevaeh. Anyone who knows me well knows that she had been my main for the time I've had her. I took a break from Furcadia and sold the alt. He ended up with her, and we made ammends. I BOUGHT HER BACK FROM HIM for life classic wings. I did NOT change the password that day. I told him to feel free to use her. Now. I moved from Florida to Alabama not long ago and I went to recover my ini files. Nevaeh's password was changed. I thought it was a fluke, but I found Vin/Vango had actually taken over the character. The thing is, I DID change her password eventually so I have NO idea how he has her now. I confronted him in whispers and he pretty much told me that if I want her back, I have to BUY her again... well I bought her from him already and he KNOWS that. He admitted he was morally wrong.

Vin has been obsessive over my RL affairs for YEARS. I told him months ago that I wanted nothing to do with him any more. I had blocked him and everything. This was the night I changed her password too. He has threatened to give out my RL information before (which he no longer has thankfully.) He's been the cause of TWO cell phone changes in the past. He holds things over my head, he manipulates things to FORCE me to talk to him, and he tries to force people away from me too.

Pretty much he said that he intentionally posted Nevaeh up for sale to bait me. I want my alt back or my life wings back that I paid to get her back with. I know the alt is mine since I was the original creator, and I did note that in my e-mail. I'm sure I'll get the alt back but please if ANYONE is interested in buying Nevaeh DO NOT BUY HER because she is going to be RETURNED to me. Do not trust Vin. He said he changed, but this is the same ol' Vin.

ALSO he does NOT have my permission to re-sale or re-use my design.
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