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Spaz alert!
«: April 23, 2012, 11:00:13 PM»
Spaz alert!
23 April 2012, 7:24 pm

Orginally posted this up on Alt market but someone suggested i post this up on FAZ as well since port's were involved so here it is.

Wasn't sure where to place this but seemed the right place. To make this short i contacted Spaz in game about how much i liked her ports. I don't remember the exact date anymore but i asked for an update on 3-1-12. A fucking MONTH ago.

Anyways We decided to do a trade, one port for my alt Arsenal. She said it wouldn't take long and with that i left for about a week. I came back and it wasn't done. Told her i'd be gone for two weeks straight due to work and she seemed hesitant considering she said it would be finished in a few days.

My fault on this end. She seemed nice and trustworthy so i told her i wouldn't mind giveing her the alt and she could just leave me an offline whisper with the port. She even INSISTED i screen shot our whispers as proof in case she did scam but it wasn't 'her thing'. I would have but ain't got the shit nor know how to screenshot whispers.

Anyways it's been longer than a month. She told me it was finished and would send it to me but i neeever got it. I left her countless whispers and even one, two weeks ago, stateing that if she didn't contact me i'd post a scam alert. An guess what? That's what this shit here is.

I rarely get on now so not pissed about loseing out. Just wanting to let other's know what went down since it's been almost a month without a WORD from her so im left in the fckin dark without nothing. Hopefully she will see this/someone that knows her so she can get in contact with me about the situation.

Only contacts that i know of hers are her DA and the alts,



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