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Spaz alert! [Resolved/It's all good!]
«: April 23, 2012, 07:07:20 PM»
Wasn't sure where to place this but seemed the right place. To make this short i contacted Spaz in game about how much i liked her ports. I don't remember the exact date anymore but i asked for an update on 3-1-12. A fucking MONTH ago.

Anyways We decided to do a trade, one port for my alt Arsenal. She said it wouldn't take long and with that i left for about a week. I came back and it wasn't done. Told her i'd be gone for two weeks straight due to work and she seemed hesitant considering she said it would be finished in a few days.

My fault on this end. She seemed nice and trustworthy so i told her i wouldn't mind giveing her the alt and she could just leave me an offline whisper with the port. She even INSISTED i screen shot our whispers as proof in case she did scam but it wasn't 'her thing'. I would have but ain't got the shit nor know how to screenshot whispers.

Anyways it's been longer than a month. She told me it was finished and would send it to me but i neeever got it. I left her countless whispers and even one, two weeks ago, stateing that if she didn't contact me i'd post a scam alert. An guess what? That's what this shit here is.

I rarely get on now so not pissed about loseing out. Just wanting to let other's know what went down since it's been almost a month without a WORD from her so im left in the fckin dark without nothing. Hopefully she will see this/someone that knows her so she can get in contact with me about the situation.

Only contacts that i know of hers are her DA and the alts,
DA: Da-Spaz
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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #1: April 23, 2012, 07:14:42 PM»
If you haven't yet, it might be a good idea to cross post this to FAZ as well, since it was a trade for art.

Also could you clarify? Did you actually give her the alt first? Or did she refuse that?

If she didn't get the alt, then there's no need to post an alert since no transaction actually happened.
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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #2: April 23, 2012, 07:28:42 PM»
Good idea and i gave her the alt. She has it, been on it.
Logged into it. All that shit. It's no longer mine.

I been waiting for the port that supposibly has been finished but never got it. Though im more annoyed she screwed me/hasn't contacted me despite the fact i left her so many whispers.
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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #3: April 23, 2012, 07:32:37 PM»
Okay, your wording, or lack of, made it seem like she might have refused the alt.

Basically, your only hope is to wait and see if she gives you either the art or your alt back. Reporting it to the guardians might not bring favorable results if you've gone that route.

Since you willingly gave her the alt, they'd basically tell you its your fault/your loss.

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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #4: April 23, 2012, 07:36:23 PM»
Like i said im not pissed about loseing out just letting people know.

An i don't care about the alt either, i don't want it back. If anything i'd want the port i payed for. Though doubt that's going to happen so posting this is the next best thing.

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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #5: April 23, 2012, 08:46:29 PM»
For the past month I've had a crashed computer, and have had no way of contacting Khronic, for that I apologize. I have 2 witnesses that can back me up and clarify that my laptop did, in fact, fry out on me. I really do apologize to you for taking so long, and I would like you to PM me on Furcadia to get the password back to Arsenal. I'll be very happy to hand him back over, being that I lost all my art progress to your port as well as other commissions as well.

The reason I didn't contact you sooner is because I forgot how to spell your alt's name, Khronic, and couldn't for the life of me remember. I watched out for you everyday in Yellowstone, F4ing constantly to check if the name was online and I was never on while you were on. I lost every name on my friend's list, so I didn't have it saved to my pounce. Like I said, contact me on Furcadia to get this resolved. I will give you back your alt.
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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #6: April 23, 2012, 09:18:57 PM»
If you do still want me to do the port for you, I gladly will. But I do have to start over on it.

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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #7: April 24, 2012, 04:01:56 PM»
Here's your port, Khronic.

I want to start by informing everyone on an artist's point of view. When and if you plan to commission an artist, there are a few basic rules and conditions that YOU as a buyer need to keep in mind. Artists aren't a piece of machinery. They have a life outside the computer that, like yours, changes from a day to day basis. No normal person can read the future, so when an artist takes your commission they aren't expecting a situation to come up that will affect your commission. But as unfortunate as it is, life does get in the way of work.

As an artist we should refuse payment until the work is done. Its the responsible thing to do. And as you know, Khronic, the reason you gave the alt to me was because of your time away from Furc. I should have refused your payment, and that is my fault. This was a case of bad timing and decision on both of our parts. Patience is key when it comes to art. If you can't wait for it, don't expect to get a good piece.

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Re: Spaz alert!
«Reply #8: April 24, 2012, 04:53:00 PM»
It's resolved. Basically a misunderstanding due to lack of communication.

Talked it out on Furc an she was nice enough to give me the port and the alt i payed her with but insisted she keep the alt since she did do the work.

Very civil an kind, like first assumed, despite this shit. Would defintly get at her again.