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Karoma/Tahoe/Crater/Killdeer (xKillcodex On DA)
«: April 22, 2012, 11:00:22 PM»
Karoma/Tahoe/Crater/Killdeer (xKillcodex On DA)
22 April 2012, 7:00 pm

I received a message on DA from xkillcodex a while back, saying they wanted to commission me for my $10 deal. Which was a portrait and a piece of art.

This person is also Karoma, Tahoe, killdeer, and Crater on Furcadia.

I recently finished the art, and showed it to them. I haven't heard a word since. It was from being in contact constantly, getting back to me the very next few hours, not saying one damn word to me. I sent them two notes, asking them if they received my message, and telling them that I wanted my payment, what my paypal was, and all that wonderful stuff.

Still nothing. And their DA account says that THEY WERE ON. So there's no excuse for this. Every time I've checked, over the past couple of days, it always says that they were active around 4 or 5 hours ago.. Sometimes less.

If you see Killdeer or any other alts running around with this port and this piece of art, notify me ASAP.

I've been trying to catch them online, but I think they use a different alt.

I did leave them another note, telling them that I was making this thread, and that the art and port would be edited to be sold if they failed to pay me, and that if they were seen with the art, I would notify the guardians of the art theft.

Has anyone else had encounters with this person?

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