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Trade Warning - Quebec
«: March 22, 2012, 03:37:58 PM»
K so due to their response, I've edited this. But still a disclaimer, I know it's only a Tumblr URL, but I feel it was unkind to what has happened,

I was to sell my tumblr URL to Quebec, he offered 4 lifers (and a fifth one to be given in the 21 days when it was transfered) It was a great deal sure, but I also ultimately decided to sell it to him because he was a friend and someone I knew and I knew he would put it to better use. 

I took a while to finally decide to actually do it, and he said it was fine to take time, he wanted to make sure I wouldn't regret the trade, which I really appreciate.

The way to transfer URLs, you have to delete your own URL and the other person has to make it really fast before anyone else does, so naturally with the risk I didn't really think about asking for the lifers first. Well he successfully makes the URL, and I told him to give one of the lifers over, and he did.

I told him to wait just a moment for the others because I was seeing what alts I wanted to put them on (my main already had some of them so I couldnt take it on one alt)

Well, when I finally decide where I want them, he doesn't reply. He didn't reply for over 45 minutes which is when he finally logs out.   

Now, he didn't get on for over three hours from logging off initially and some weird things happened,

Before the trade, he added me on facebook, after the trade I was deleted, then that's when he stops replying and about 10 minutes later, he add's me back to facebook and I'm thinking to myself..."Wow.. what??"

(Here is the text he sent hours later after re-adding me explaining this facebook situation, "No, I tried to click message on my phone, and clicked unfriend. Tiny ass touch screen. And if my comp didn't break, I'm sure we would of figured out something no problem. IM SORRY THOM. ;-; I really didn't want to go like this.)

Well, after 3 and 1/2 Hours of trying to get a hold of him, he finally sends me a text saying quote, "tbh thom i freaked out... right when i gave you the classics multiple people messaged me saying it wasn't a good idea. I was going to message you to see if i could give you classics and two seasonals or something instead of what i offered first. Then my IP messes up and its all a big mess. But you have no idea how much this url has helped my blog... I love it. ;;"

Now I won't tell you about how after he left me for 3 hours high and dry, his ex tried to log on his main alt "Quebec" since she apparently knew how, and she told me none of the lifers he owed me were on it. (See the start where he didn't reply to me for over 45 minutes. But "his internet broke" right?) But he explains it pretty well, here is my paraphrasing of what he sent me; "My friend got on my account and gave herself lifers, I told her that I was quitting after I traded you, so she must of thought I had given you everything already"

Though according to pounce, "Quebec" was only logged in once while he was gone.
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Re: Trade Alert / Scam - Quebec
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Mike is a dodgy character, Thom.
He's not quitting Furcadia, sorry hon.
If you can figure out where the digos went I guess you can try and persuade him otherwise, you had written proof of HE himself saying he'd give them to you.. I THINK he hangs out around "The Complex" (?) dream, if that helps? I also know a few people who are pretty close with him.. Not to mention one or two of his alts.

It doesn't matter that it was just a tumblr URL, it's a good thing you posted because if he does this for a tumblr, who's to say he won't do it for something else non-furc related?

If I were you I'd try out The Complex and see if you can find any characters with the digos he was "suppose" to be trading to you.
It's a shame it happened to you, Thom, you're a trustworthy guy and Mike took advantage of it.
I hope this gets solved soon!
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Re: Trade Alert / Scam - Quebec
«Reply #2: March 22, 2012, 04:08:05 PM»
Well, if you want to get even, you can easily report him to tumblr for illegally obtaining a url by purchasing it.

Even if its common practice to us, tumblr doesn't even condone TRADING urls for other urls lmao.

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Re: Trade Alert / Scam - Quebec
«Reply #3: March 22, 2012, 04:19:06 PM»
I don't think it's really the age of the person that matters, to be honest.
I'm sixteen, and i'm a pretty trust worthy person- aren't i? anyways. that's sorta irrelevant i suppose.

anyways yeah. people should know.
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Re: Trade Alert / Scam - Quebec
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I should not have to say it for the hundredth time given our forum rules are easily found, but;
If you have nothing relevant or useful to the situation to aid in resolving this, don't post anything.
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Re: Trade Warning - Quebec
«Reply #5: March 28, 2012, 01:15:07 PM»
actually i did quit lol.

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Re: Trade Warning - Quebec
«Reply #6: March 28, 2012, 09:48:40 PM»
actually i did quit lol.

then why would it matter if you gave him the 5 lifers you offered?
esp if you quit.

dunno if this is relevant.
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Re: Trade Warning - Quebec
«Reply #7: March 28, 2012, 10:19:04 PM»
Locked. If you have useful or relevant information, PM myself or another moderator.

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