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Mah Trades!
«: March 04, 2012, 01:24:25 AM»
I've traded with a couple of people, so here is what i have to say about them.

Jade Clover: Traded 35 GD of mine for a chinchilla for life.
Everything was good. It all went smoothly
Very well. *recommended

Actual/Shibian/Yock: Traded my chinchilla for Shibian that had a foxen for life, and a couple of expiring digos, a portspace and port, SS, more
Very very bad, what she did to me. She somehow got the password, and took Shibian back and left me with nothing.
Terrible. *Not Recomended at all.

Vossler: Traded 5 GD for an alt named Temujin
I got the alt, then apparently Vossler's "sister" Got ahold of the alt and took it back.
Okay *Sorta Recommended, just keep an eye out.

Luna Stardust: Traded my tygard for life for her catten
Very Well *recommended
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Re: Mah Trades!
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Please read over our guidelines for how to categorize and write trades. (:

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