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rin/#123780 on mweor, echo#sm/kitty#sc on furc
«: February 11, 2012, 11:00:07 PM»
rin/#123780 on mweor, echo#sm/kitty#sc on furc
5 February 2012, 4:57 am

whoa it's been a while since i've been around this place hi MORE PEOPLE STEALING MY EMBARRASSING OLD PORTS

someone was kind enough to let me know that someone was using one of my ports without my permission on this mweor site as a sample of what they could get as some kind of raffle prize. i'm about to make a post on their advertising thread asking them kindly to remove it, but i thought i'd make a little warning here just in case they turn up taking other peoples' ports in the future.

the port was originally for the alt paramedic

the slightly altered version being used as an icon can be seen here *edit: thread deleted by mweor mods?

they have some generic cat art on their profile that i don't really think is worth mentioning, but on the off chance anyone might recognize it that is also here *you need a mweor account to actually visit this page

a screenie of their thread with my post on it before it was deleted

anywaysss this is just a warning, if they don't take it down i'll just report them with proof that i made the art, thank you to whoever it is that let me know about this <33333333

edit: also, searching up the culprit's photobucket username turned up a wix page with a furc screenshot, so this person does apparently also play furc (though under what name i'm not sure.) if anyone could keep an eye out in case this person is using the port in-game as well i'd appreciate it. I'VE GOT EYES EVERYWHERE RIN OF MWEOR.

editedit: i got a response from rin and she tells me a person named "toxic#sd" on furc sold her the port for 15 gd. i'm not sure of the validity of this, but it's worth noting if this person actually does exist. rin also claims she meant she was only trying to sell/raffle art of hers in a furcadia port-type style rather than straight up selling my ports, which i'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt unless i find otherwise

another edit: apparently she's done this to other people now, regulars of cypress homes in particular, so the benefit of the doubt just flew right out the window. toxic#sd is most likely her alt, and she also goes by lillyleaf, echo#sm, and kitty#sc.

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