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Was i scammed? help please.
«: February 08, 2012, 08:39:46 AM»
I traded my alt Bloodpool to someone on furcadia by the name of Arcangela here is what transpired

08:01:29) Tyn: Arcangela wants Bloodpool.. only has a Poneigh and a Port. D: 02/07/12 16:51:48 * Cynstar OOoo 02/07/12 16:51:52 Cynstar: SOLLDDDD 02/07/12 16:51:54 Arcangela: And only the one port can go :c 02/07/12 16:52:01 Cynstar: dont care 02/07/12 16:52:04 Arcangela: Okey. 02/07/12 16:52:06 Cynstar: is it a poneh for lifer? 02/07/12 16:52:09 Arcangela: OR YOU CAN HAVE THE WHOLE ALT. 02/07/12 16:52:10 Arcangela: Yus. 02/07/12 16:52:13 Cynstar: sweets 02/07/12 16:52:15 * Arcangela offers Storslagen. 02/07/12 16:52:16 Cynstar:  :) 02/07/12 16:52:19 Arcangela: YAY 02/07/12 16:52:26 * Arcangela steals >:D 02/07/12 16:52:29 Arcangela: WAIT 02/07/12 16:52:33 Arcangela: Is port for l- 02/07/12 16:52:34 Arcangela: Wait 02/07/12 16:52:42 Cynstar: k 02/07/12 16:52:42 Arcangela:  duh port is for life 02/07/12 16:52:49 Cynstar: i said ponigh 02/07/12 16:52:55 Cynstar: the digo not the port 02/07/12 16:52:56 Cynstar: xD 02/07/12 16:53:05 Arcangela: XD 02/07/12 16:53:09 Arcangela: I know. 02/07/12 16:53:11 Arcangela: Derp. 02/07/12 16:53:12 Cynstar: the poniegh poniegh  02/07/12 16:53:14 Arcangela: Okay. 02/07/12 16:53:18 Arcangela: You will have whole alt. 02/07/12 16:53:22 * Cynstar 02/07/12 16:53:25 Cynstar: let me see it? 02/07/12 16:53:27 Arcangela: Port and Poneigh go together too perfectly. 02/07/12 16:53:28 Arcangela: Okey. 02/07/12 16:53:42 * Cynstar shows of blood aswell 02/07/12 16:53:47 Arcangela: ANY NORMAL PERSON WILL LUV. 02/07/12 16:53:55 Cynstar: LOl 02/07/12 16:54:02 * Arcangela d 02/07/12 16:54:09 Cynstar: FOund her 02/07/12 16:54:10 Cynstar: xD 02/07/12 16:54:11 * Arcangela d 02/07/12 16:54:34 Cynstar: Blood is in the same dream 02/07/12 16:54:37 Cynstar: Lol 02/07/12 16:54:38 Arcangela: Okey. 02/07/12 16:54:44 Cynstar: anywho password exchange now ? 02/07/12 16:54:48 Arcangela: Kay. 02/07/12 16:54:50 Arcangela: xxxx 02/07/12 16:54:58 Cynstar:xxxx 02/07/12 16:55:01 Arcangela: .. 02/07/12 16:55:05 Cynstar: is the pass 02/07/12 16:55:28 Arcangela: okey. 02/07/12 16:56:23 Arcangela: 02/07/12 16:56:33 Arcangela: wait 02/07/12 16:56:42 Arcangela: dere is port with wings but wolfeh itself has no wings :U 02/07/12 16:56:43 Cynstar: k 02/07/12 16:56:57 Cynstar: I thought you knew that? 02/07/12 16:57:01 Arcangela: derp. 02/07/12 16:57:07 Cynstar: D; 02/07/12 16:57:13 Arcangela: Ohwell. 02/07/12 16:57:17 Arcangela: Will get him wings one day. 02/07/12 16:57:26 Cynstar: k and id love to see that ;) 02/07/12 16:57:38 Cynstar: also if i win the competiton i will buy you wings ;O 02/07/12 16:57:49 Arcangela: Okay :D 02/07/12 16:57:55 Arcangela: (Competition? owo) 02/07/12 16:59:16 Cynstar: a tatto competition that Crunchwork made? 02/07/12 16:59:32 Arcangela: Oooh/ 02/07/12 17:00:37 Arcangela: Y I no can find INI file? Dx 02/07/12 17:00:52 Cynstar: whaaa? 02/07/12 17:00:57 * Arcangela can't find the character. 02/07/12 17:01:02 Cynstar: Bloodpool? 02/07/12 17:01:09 Cynstar: can you go on her? 02/07/12 17:01:12 Arcangela: Yah 02/07/12 17:01:14 Cynstar: k 02/07/12 17:01:15 Arcangela: PASH. 02/07/12 17:01:20 Arcangela: I can't go on her if I don't have her. 02/07/12 17:01:28 Cynstar: oh 02/07/12 17:01:28 Arcangela: After downloading the INI file twice :U 02/07/12 17:01:46 Cynstar: i got your charactor by just started new charactor and added the password 02/07/12 17:01:56 Arcangela: owo. 02/07/12 17:01:59 Arcangela: ? 02/07/12 17:02:33 Cynstar: click play furcadia 02/07/12 17:02:38 Arcangela: HOLD ON. 02/07/12 17:02:40 Cynstar: then go to create a new charactor 02/07/12 17:02:43 Arcangela: fkldjbsbafj 02/07/12 17:03:36 Arcangela: k. 02/07/12 17:03:39 Arcangela: Now what? 02/07/12 17:04:31 Cynstar: enter desc then your email then the xxxx (password) and then Enter finally her name Bloodpool 02/07/12 17:04:35 Arcangela: owo 02/07/12 17:06:09 Cynstar: did you get her? 02/07/12 17:06:18 Cynstar: if thats not her password then ill have to go in and redo it 02/07/12 17:07:49 Arcangela: Email? 02/07/1

what do i do? DEP doesnt support alt trading and I dont wanna seem on here or anywhere else that i cheated the buyer out of there alt.

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Re: Was i scammed? help please.
«Reply #1: February 08, 2012, 09:01:27 AM»
Brickstin: basicaly he said that " I thought there was wings on there" she says " no she doesnt I thought you knew this?" he says.. Oh well Ill get wings for him one day" and then she offers out of kindness that a art competition she is competing in that if she wins she will GIVE HIM WINGS.

 Rew: Well if she said that.. Rew: then there is no need to transfer it back. Rew: He basically just forfeited his chance by agreeing to buy wings for the alt when he can get the chance and is okay with it.

In the logs he says that he will buy wings for himself when he can.. Then you out of kindness offered to him wings when and if you win your art contest.

I see no wrong doing in what you did here. You traded alts and he found out about your alt sale via FAM thread located here

Also.. Since you basically traded alts.. I wish to post up this Disclaimer for anyone and him and you to remember.

WARNING -- You are about to transfer ownership of one or more of your Furcadia items to Tarra. If you do this, the items will belong to them, and only they will have the right or the ability to give or trade them to anyone else in the future. They will also be unable to give any wings, dragons, phoenixes, or gryffes to anyone for 30-90 days -- not even back to you. If you are sure you want to do this AND you are 18 years or older, click "Yes" to continue. Otherwise click "No."

I recall in our conversation just a while ago that you stated he was upset that you transfered the poneigh over to another alt of yours..

He shouldn't be upset nor there is nothing he can do about it: he forfeited his rights and ownership of the lifer on the alt he traded in exchange for Bloodpool .

I seriously don't see what his problem is.. He should have read the fine print in the sale page on FAM.. This is why you always read the fine print. And in light of his mistake you offered to get him wings as a gift.

You will not be labeled for scamming.
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Re: Was i scammed? help please.
«Reply #2: February 08, 2012, 09:14:01 AM»
This is everywhere for me to clearly understand but after reading this (like for 10 minutes.), if you got the lifer for the alt over the alt trade then no you didn't get scam. Plus you offered her life wings, they didn't ask for it. You willingly offered it and they took up on your offer.

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