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I haven't felt compelled to make a scam thread in a few years so please bear with me while I get through this.

I should have been quicker to act on this, but I like giving people I've previously dealt with a good chance in getting multiple deals done. I did not think I would have to resort to this, but they've left me with no choice.

Two years ago, I made a trade with the user Cub on FAM for the alt Cub.

This trade consisted of only two things, two Nexon accounts valued together at $110.
At the time I was an avid player of Mabinogi and accepted the trade with no qualms.

Cub seemed to be a nice person, and as the system back then was rather irritating in changing over information, not once did they attempt to take back the accounts, and we had a sweet ride since then.

Overtime though, my interest in the games dwindled and I was using the traded accounts less frequently. Cub contacted me, asking if I would like to sell them back one of the accounts after learning I wasn't using it as often.

I agreed, the amount agreed on was around $20 because I wasn't too keen on inflating something I wasn't using. Upon this agreement, we decided to share the account in question as Cub wanted to use it for a different Nexon game than I was using it for.

Upon being paid for the account, I was going to return it to Cub so it would be theirs entirely.

But instead I spent the next year ATTEMPTING to get the payment I was owed.

In this time, Cub received gifts of NX (Nexon Cash, for premium items in Nexon games) and was putting it towards the account.

(I would just like to note, that as I had made use of the Nexon accounts I was traded, they were badgering me for items and the use of my personal Main account ((that I created and invested my own money into)) because I had moved some items over onto it. I was extremely uncomfortable with this, but I did not give in to it)

I did not feel the need to raise the price of the account because of this, but I was still not getting the money I was owed for it.

It was at this point in time that our communication dwindled to a few times a month, if even that, mostly revolving around the owed payment.

They purchased an alt off of me for PayPal, but insisted that the payment of it did not count towards the account.

The amount they paid for this alt was $15, which was $5 less than the amount I was owed for the account.

As months went on, I grew increasingly exasperated with them, Communication dropped to every two months or so due to me occasionally forgetting I was owed.

In May of last year I gave them an ultimatum to pay me back. I didn't see a dime after being assured I'd get my money the day I asked.

On multiple occasions they asked for my PayPal and I gladly waited for them to send me something, and I never saw a cent.

In September I sent them a PM on FAM asking again about the status of the payment, they had fallen on hard times and it was something I could sympathize with, so I offered the idea of a payment plan. We agreed upon me receiving $5 a week.

On October 14th, I was told I got a payment. I checked and I didn't see a payment from them. When I asked them about it, they did not respond. They ignored me for a MONTH before responding to me, which was only because I left a comment on their deviantART page out of desperation to get in contact with them.

At this point, I said 'fuck it'. I was not going to wait around anymore for excuses and stress over $20, so I told them I didn't want their money. I didn't want to deal with it anymore, and again, more assurance that I would be paid and I have not seen a dime since. A real stand up guy, right?

Now fast-forward to this/last month. I have returned to playing Nexon games once more, and the company has changed their systems so it is indeed possible for me to change e-mails and anymore information on the accounts.

But they've also deactivated accounts that had gone several months (to a year, I believe?), I can log on to all the accounts (the traded ones and my personal ones) just fine, but I need to activate the traded accounts before I can resume using them.

And here I have a problem. The accounts are under Cub's e-mails. I won't be able to use the accounts or change them to my own emails until Cub reactivates them.

After all the time I had spent wanting to avoid them, I sucked it up and PM'd them, asking if they could reactivate the accounts so I could now properly claim ownership of our original trade agreement.

Cub refuses to turn over both accounts, offering one but not the other, and on top of that they promise me money to compensate for the account they do not want to turn over (that they also, have not been using).

Understand that after all this bullshit I had to put up with, I really don’t want money from someone like them. It’s an option I am outright refusing because of the hassle they have put me through. In this case, money HAS complicated things.
All I want are the accounts. And since I cannot use them, and they are technically in Cub’s possession, I have been scammed out of my alt.

I offered the option of either returning the accounts to me, or giving me back Cub.
If I end up with nothing, I’m chalking it up as a loss and letting it go. And I’ve already left them negative feedback MONTHS AGO regarding this situation.

As of right now 1:50 pm, I have had my accounts returned to me.
Since they are insisting on me being paid back in addition to this, I will be holding them to this promise.

As such, I will not lock this thread until I confirm that I've received their final compensation for this headache of a situation.
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First off, I'd just like to say that I have no defense. I took too long to give Rikki payment, I made a very drawn-out mistake. So much in fact that Rikki was completely through with waiting on me to get the payment - that was up until two days ago when she gave me the ultimatum of either handing over both Nexon accounts or Cub is considered stolen. I did read her private message last night, then went to sleep without replying. It wasn't my intention to try and snub her.

As for this;
(I would just like to note, that as I had made use of the Nexon accounts I was traded, they were badgering me for items and the use of my personal Main account ((that I created and invested my own money into)) because I had moved some items over onto it. I was extremely uncomfortable with this, but I did not give in to it)

I do not even understand how that's relevant to the situation? And I do not even recall badgering Rikki for Nexon items, but you know - maybe I did? Who knows, considering how long ago it was. If anything it could have been friendly banter.

My only problem with this arrangement was that I've invest countless hours on my second Nexon account, that Rikki showed NO interest in at the get-go. But, now, she's wanting it or Cub is considered stolen after 2 years. I've been pretty compliant, and if contact between us was ever cut off or cut short, it was because of IRL issues - not because I was trying to duck her.

Also, I'd just like to say that I will be giving her the accounts back, PLUS the $ I owe her for good measure. This was obviously a horrible trading experience for her, and I do not blame her one bit - and I do not want this to tarnish my reputation as a trader, considering the circumstances were different than usual.

I'd also like to offer my sincerest of apologies to Rikki for making her go through this whole endeavor, I take 100% blame.

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Re: Cub
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Its in my aim logs. You seemed obviously put off because I moved items, currency and characters off the accounts to my main one.

You were pressing me and I was clearly uncomfortable because they were things that were considered mine and you suddenly wanted them back when they were already used?

And I'm not going to hold my breath about the money.

You shelled out $20 dollars a week ago to pay my friend for a port commission, but I only get promises and excuses instead of money.
And she informed me that you intended to pay her with paypal once more, but switched to portrait spaces as her Paypal has come up with some issues.

So do you actually have money or what?

Not to mention the purchases you made in the mean time after I expressed not wanting it, and you had assured me back then that I would be getting it even if I wasn't asking for it. :/

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Re: Cub
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I have every intention in paying you back the money, and giving you the accounts. I know you won't sit on your hands in anticipation, considering what a letdown I am. But, I am going to make amends.

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Re: Cub
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Even though some of my questions remain unanswered, and this is quite obviously reluctant on their end. I have received my accounts and now all that remains is the promise of the final payment.

We'll see how that goes.

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Wow. Anyone else's post like this would have been locked by now.

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