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Hijacking awareness
«: December 05, 2011, 09:41:49 PM»
I can't say that this was necessarily a scam of sorts, however more a warning out to those who cherish their alts as much as anyone else who avidly visits FAM.

Yesterday, I was logged onto my main, Riley. I had a half-day that day off from work, so I distinctly remember unAFKing and having conversation with some friends, and AFKing for a few minutes. A few minutes being under ten minutes. I returned, and noticed that I had been disconnected. Typically, I'd have shrugged this off-- But I realized it was different this time: I had received the notorious "Communications Error" message that pops when you relog an alt that is already in-game.
I immediately logged back on, and found myself in a completely different location; A default dream of sorts that wasn't quite a main-map, either. My suspicions raised a bit, and I returned to the dream and added Riley to my Pounce, logged another alt, and proceeded to hawk my Pounce as I went and re-changed my email and password for Riley.

What confounds me the absolute most, is that Riley was set to an email that -nobody- other than my Bank, Loaner, College, Transaction Receipts(I give an alternative Paypal address for all purchases/sales), and other personal whatnots are aware of. It is my personal email that very few of even my closest friends are even aware of, and uses it's own password entirely mixed with both letters and numbers. This alt was the only one set to it, and as a precaution for the sake that incase one of my other alts were stolen, Riley would be spared because I made a promise to someone that it would be returned to them.

Note that I've got virus/malware/etc. protection on my setup, as well.

So far, I've yet to see my alt get booted offline again like that.
However, I had come home today super ecstatic because my friend had completed a port for me for it, and as I went to upload the port on the main site, I had a rude reminder(and pretty much solid confirmation of all of the above happening as I guessed it--) with a menagerie of colors that were NOT what I had on Riley last. Because Furcadia remembers the last colorset that was used when you were logged on with before, this is what I was greeted with:

A friend suggested to keep my alts on my Pounce, which I have done so I can be immediately notified of any further fishy business.

I hope this helps people be more wary of things, and understand that even with the most uptight precautions, there are still vulnerabilities. :c

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Re: Hijacking awareness
«Reply #1: December 09, 2011, 07:43:05 AM»
     I get disconnected quite frequently with "Connections Error'' and other various bulljunk, and no one knows my 50+ character password. It just happens. It's a good thing to change everything though if you feel you've been breached. What I recently did was, after a scam, created e-mails only myself and its host knows, and set all my e-mails to that, then put a 50+ character password to all of them. I can almost promise no one will obtain your account that way. Under no circumstances does anyone know the e-mail.
     About the color thing, that's not exactly true. The ini on your computer defines the colors on your alt, on that computer. I know this because I logged onto my husband's account on my computer with a wonky set of colors. Though, when he booted me and logged onto his own machine, his colors were as he set. Now, if Riley's colors were all square in game, cool. Again, in my own personal experience with the portrait uploader, I'll notice my own colors will be a mess and it confuses me. There's no rhyme or reason why, but it happens. It's been happening to me for years.
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