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2 December 2011, 7:37 pm

Please beware of Cherribomb. I bought an alt with design off of her for $80PP.

Said design turned out to be stolen, after I attempted to sell the character with art here. I'm already making a dispute with PayPal and attempting to get the money back, and my bank is really good about these things.

So, yeah, beware of Cherribomb!

I am so sorry for the issues this may've caused. This is what I get when I don't just go ahead and design my own characters. I'll stick to doing that for now. >.>


About a week ago I was roleplaying with the character Cherribomb. I was speaking to her about how I was kind of looking for a new main, since I was tired of what I had.

She offered me Celina, which had this design:

Which was ripped from:

After using it a bit, creating a site, and such, I came across an unexpected money issue, blah blah. tl;dr I tried to sell her. Well, it turns out that I was being attacked for art theft. When I was approached by the real owner of the character's design, I apologized of course and got into contact with Cherribomb.

Upon contacting Cherribomb, she revealed to me that she had bought Celina and the design from another user of who she could not remember.

I'm beginning to doubt this theory, though, because I found this...

Upon further inspection of her character, she has ripped off the actual Cherribomb character by TrueGrave.

She has this reference:

Which she likely found here:

So, please take caution when buying something from her. Last I heard, she was trying to sell Cherribomb.

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