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The original problem. Copy/paste?
Hello, I wasn't entirely sure where to post this.
My name is Candra, I'm posting this for my friend, Jay, because right now he doesn't have the internet.

So here's what happened.
Jay's been pretty busy with life lately, so he hasn't been on furcadia much in the last couple month or so, but 3 weeks ago, we were over at his house, and he got online to catch up with some friends. Usually he get on his main alt, which is Jets, but he needed to get on an alt for something, so he went to log onto his other main alt, Forbid, but it told him the user name and password was incorrect. The alt couldn't have expired, it has only been a little over a month since he'd used it. Not to mention there were ports, and a life chinchilla on the alt. So I get a helper beekin, and I talk to them as to what to do. They tell us to change the password via the website, so we tried to reset the password, but to no avail. We never get the reset email. I tell the beekin it's not working, they give me the Furcadia Support email address, and so we email them about the problem.
Here is what we said in the support email.

 I've been trying to get on my alt Forbid all day now. I've been busy
 trying to figure some things out in my life, so I haven't had a lot of
 free time for furcadia, but things are getting back to normal now, so
 I've got more free time to get back on furcadia and talk with my friends
 here and such. And so today, I tried to log onto my alt Forbid, and I
 kept getting an error saying "Oops the username and password don't
 match." which doesn't make sense to me. I have it set up so that it
 automaticly logs me in, and doesn't ask for my password. I tried to make
 a new character, and get it back that way, and I checked the INI file,
 used the same password and email that were in there. It didn't work, and
 I know the alt didn't rot because it hasn't been that long since I was  last on it, and I have ports and a life chincilla on that alt. What I'm
 thinking is that my ex girlfriend changed my password to take the stuff
 I had on that alt, most of the people we knew agree that it's likely she
 did, because she was that sort of person(Edit: She said she didn't do this when we contacted her, but us 3 were the only people with the password..), so I tried to change my
 password via the furcadia site, but the one link in the site map has a
 404 error, my friend whispered a beekin about it, who gave her a
 different link to reset a password, so I tried to change my password,
 and I never got an email, its been about 3 hours since then. I'm not
 sure what to do at this point, I'd really like to get that alt back
 though, and I'd like to know if my chinchilla is still on that alt,
 because if not, she did change my password, and take it, and I'm going
 to have to figure out what I'm going to do about that.
 Thanks for your time.

What they told us was that we need the original email address that was used when Forbid was created. Jay bought Forbid from someone, he'snot sure exactly who it was he bought it from, and I have no idea.. he bought the alt some time this year though. We have been trying to get this alt back for a while now, and we've had some friends helping us, but it doesn't seem to be getting us anywhere. Although yesterday night, a friend of ours saw the alt get online. Forbid was only online for a split second tho. Our friend tried to whisper them, but by the time she had sent the whisper they'd already logged off. She only asked if it was Jay and then asked them to contact her asap, offline whisper or not. This all happened at exactly, (Offline message sent Nov 05, 11:18pm FST)

If anyone has any information on who created the alt, or know someone who may know how we can contact them, it would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has any other sort of information it would also be greatly appreciated.
To contact us it's preferable you whisper me, /Candra. Jay's on his way over now, I'm going to ask him to post a comment in this tread to verify that I have his permission to handle this situation for him.

Part 1
The quote above was what I originally posted.
I thought this issue was resolved, but apparently it wasn't..

Jay is my best friend, we grew up together, and last month, maybe even a little before last month, he lost the internet. Jay and I are joined at the hip literally, so 100% of the time he came to my house to leach off my internet.

So what happened was on 10/22/11, he came over, and he tried to log onto his alt, Forbid, but couldn't.. so we sent a letter to the gaurdians, posted about it here (see above) and tried to get it back any way we could. I'd like to state that he promptly changed the email, and password like he should have when he bought it. It was naked when he bought it btw.. He bought it from someone, who had bought it from the creator. Jay had put a life chinchilla and 2 portraits of his OC on the alt a while after he bought it, and he had the alt for a long time.. possibly a year. Thanks to the post we made on here, we were contacted by the creator of Forbid, and we were able to get the alt back. She contacted us on the alt "Hilgose" which she said was her RP alt, and that if we wanted to contact her to whisper "Finmore."

Hilgose contacted us at 11/07/11 21:19:51 and apologized for what had happened. She said she forgot she had sold the alt and had sold the life chinchilla because she needed money.. she told us more than once that she would buy him a new life chinchilla. She said she was going to get paid in a week and a half from that date, and that she would be accountable for the life chinchilla she owed Jay, I have logs of her saying this as well just incase. Over all though, she was very apoligetic and very understanding and prompt to give us the password for Forbid back.

Unfortunately, about a week passed by, and I hadn't heard anything from her, so I went to go whisper her. Carelessly I didn't whisper her main alt, Finmore, I whispered Hilgose, and this was on 11/14/11 and I said

11/14/11 03:05:00 Candra: Hi, this is Candra, Forbid's [friend*], we were just wondering if there was any news on that life chinchilla or the reimbursement for it (Offline message sent Nov 14, 03:05am FST)

because I was just generally wondering what the status was on that, and if she was still trying to get it back to us etc.. I waited, and she never replied. so I contacted Finmore.

what I said was
11/22/11 01:42:57 Candra: this was my mistake, because I didn't whisper your main account... but I sent you this about a week ago - 11/14/11 03:05:00 Candra: Hi, this is Candra, Forbid's [friend*], we were just wondering if there was any news on that life chinchilla or the reimbursement for it (Offline message sent Nov 14, 03:05am FST) and I'm still waiting to hear back from you. :c I recall that you said you were going to be getting paid in a week and a half on the 7th. [here I quoted what she said about paying us back and getting paid in a week and a half, and also mentioning that she would take care of this asap.] It's been a little over 2 weeks now and we haven't even heard from you. Please whisper me as soon as you can. Thanks.  (Offline message sent Nov 22, 01:42am FST)

And the only reason this is un-resolved now is because after Finmore logged online, and read my offline whisper, she let me know that she was the new owner of Finmore, she had bought it from someone, but didn't know their FAM username... the onlything Finmore could tell me was that she thought the creator was also the owner of the alt "Beaver" so.. as far as I know, the only ways I know how to contact her are on the alts "Hilgose" and "Beaver" and I haven't seen either of them online since then. I sent an offline whisper to Hilgose, I was slightly upset...
The last thing I said to Hilgose was
11/22/11 17:55:42 Candra: Hi, so I just found out you sold your main alt.. I apreciate that you let me know  :) If you could get back to me soon just to stay in touch so that you can keep me updated on the progress of the repayment you owe my friend that would be great. (Offline message sent Nov 22, 05:55pm FST)
and I still haven't seen her online since the day she first whispered Jay and I.

So the next day I sent an offline whisper to Beaver, because I hadn't seen them log on at all...
11/23/11 03:21:40 Candra: So, I've been trying to contact you, but it's been pretty difficult.  :( I whispered your main alt earlier, and was told that you sold that alt... It would be very nice to hear back from you so that I can stay up to date on the progress of that life chinchilla you still owe my friend. (Offline message sent Nov 23, 03:21am FST)
11/23/11 03:22:04 Candra: Thank you very much, hope to hear back from you soon. (Offline message sent Nov 23, 03:22am FST)
Honestly, I would just like to know how to stay in touch with her so we can get this resolved however long it takes, I just don't like how she sold her "main" alt and never told me, and has yet to even try to contact me despite how sincere she seemed.. it just seems odd...

Part 2
That's not the end of it though, and I don't think the two events are linked at all, but still... seems a little weird that Jays never had any problems like this until this happened..

Jay has another main alt, one that he created himself, he didnt buy it, or trade it, or ever share it. The alt is Jets. He had an expiring orchimodo, 1 unused animated port, and I think another regular unused portrait.. a life foxen and a life ottifet along with some GD I don't think it was much over, if not under 5GD
anyway he logged on, on the 13th to find that everything had been taken off Jets. I need to verify with him weather or not the password had been changed, or the email etc.. idk but here are logs between some friends of ours about his login/off times.

And I can personally verify that  9:10pm FST on the 8th was Jays last ligit use of his alt. He was at my house, it was 2 days before my sister was visiting from out of state, so it stuck out in my mind and I remember that very clearly.

Logs about Jets log in time. Copy/paste?
11/13/11 17:29:16 Allen: but Ok, I'm gonna give you these logs ok? Jan may have figured out when the alt was logged.
11/13/11 17:29:17 Allen: (16:18:41) * Treeki pokes 
(16:58:34) Allen: hmm? 
(16:58:42) Treeki: what happened with Jay? 
(16:58:58) Allen: Apparently someone hacked onto Jets and stole his lifers and extra spaces :/ 
(16:59:13) Treeki: I checked, and he did log on a couple of times in my logs 
(16:59:22) Treeki: when was he last here legitimately? 
(17:00:32) Treeki: in my logs I have... 
(17:01:04) Treeki: he logged off at 9:10pm FST (If I worked out the time right) on the 8th, after having been on as normal 
(17:01:42) Treeki: then he logged on at 9:17am FST on the 10th and left the dream immediately, then logged off 4 minutes later (I think that's when it happened) 
(17:02:03) Treeki: then he logged on at 3:13pm FST on the 13th, came into the dream a minute later, and said his lifers were gone 
(17:03:36) Allen: He says the last time he was on was roughly 3 days ago 
(17:03:51) Treeki: maybe I wasn't online at the time 
(17:03:55) Allen: So yeah so I think that on the 10th was then 
(17:03:56) Treeki: but the theft seems to have happened on the 10th 
(17:04:05) Allen: Yeah. I'm going to send those logs to him, is that ok? 
(17:04:06) Treeki: and I last saw him on as himself on the 8th 
(17:04:11) Treeki: go ahead 
(17:04:17) Allen: Maybe if they can check the IP they can see its different 
(17:04:24) Treeki: they should

11/13/11 17:29:26 Allen: Send those to the person you report it to
11/13/11 17:32:15 Allen: Mhm ;~; Jan also said DEP can track Digo trades IPs
11/13/11 17:32:24 Allen: so they should be able to get it for you
11/13/11 17:32:36 Allen: *digo trade/IPs >:T
11/13/11 17:45:48 Allen: But yeah have my and Jan's permission to use the logs
11/13/11 17:45:58 Candra: Thank you c:

So I've sent a ticket to the gaurdians around the 10th or 11th I'm not entirely sure when I submitted the ticket.. but I sent an email to the support email on the 23rd.. I haven't heard back from anyone at all yet, and I'd really like to get these problems resolved... I honestly don't know what to do.. or what happened with Jets. I'll have to have him get online and explain further sometime tomorrow or the day after.

Thank you everyone though for taking the time to read this, I know its very drawn out and long lol... I just wanted to be sure I gave as much information as I could...
Thanks again

jay gave me permission to handle this, this is a screen shot from my old post.. I went 7 pages back and couldn't find it.
Here's the link tho.

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Re: Forbid; Stolen Alt [unexplained hacking of a different alt; Jets.]
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So, I just got a hold of Finmore again, the new owner, and asked her how she bought the alt... and I asked her who Hilgose contacted her on, and she went through logs and she got the alt from Sierra.

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I started suspecting that this was related to the entire Couple incident once I read the thread about Couple, if it IS Sierra, that's probably the same person who is causing everyone else grief, and if that IS true, she's most likely the one who hacked into Jets, but how she's doing it, I have no idea, though I THINK I told you most of what I knew in whispers ;3; if I find anything else I'll post here Candra! <3

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I started suspecting that this was related to the entire Couple incident once I read the thread about Couple, if it IS Sierra, that's probably the same person who is causing everyone else grief, and if that IS true, she's most likely the one who hacked into Jets, but how she's doing it, I have no idea, though I THINK I told you most of what I knew in whispers ;3; if I find anything else I'll post here Candra! <3

It might be linked to the couple incident now that you mention it because I remember her one time actually owning the alt Finmore about a year ago (she and I were friends till the couple incident) and then "selling" it off but somehow "bought" the alt back. If it is the person we're thinking then you're most likely not going to hear from her for months or a year, just a heads up.

I find it that she comes back in the summer and does this whole thing all over again, but don't count my word on it though. I've only known and observed hear for only a year and a half. :B

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