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Blatant site ripping (Lockable!)
«: November 18, 2011, 11:00:08 AM»
Blatant site ripping (Lockable!)
21 October 2011, 2:06 pm


I was sitting around in a dream having some light conversation when I saw a curious link and clicked it. At first, I thought Firefox was lagging, and that there was a loading error, so I shrugged it off-- Made a double-take and realized I wasn't seeing things afterall.

What I originally thought was this (my own site):

..Was botching into this:

I sat and kinda stared for a few seconds and clicked back and forth between the two for a little before jumping to the conclusion that it was ripped. Even the pageview numbers were identical to my own.

Sure, some peeps might pop in and say "lol its such a simple entry page anyone could recreate it" but look. I could care less if every site had such a system built in. But mine have been this way for years, and they're easily identifiable as MY sites.

And one from atleast two or so more years ago before I organized my coding the way I do now...


My sites that clearly highlight a simple request...

Her site:

This shows that they didn't even bother to change the windowsizing in comparison to my site for Blackbird.

I confronted her aloud in-game about it.

Couple: I linked it at the main page in my desc wanna be mad be mad at my friend who transfered the html for me.

Couple: e.e;

Couple: I don't like being attacked.

Blackbird: take down the site until your friend refunds you or makes you something legit

She eventually did, and logged off. But the question remains on who was the site creator. I don't do the right-click protect for the reason that there are still alternative methods to having people rip your coding despite that, and also because as stated on the end of each of my sites: I don't appreciate people taking things from me without my permission.

I've had countless individuals approach me asking about the things I use in my sites, and I am completely comfortable with sharing when asked. Most of the time I don't even bother asking for credits if it's such a simple little thing because again, I don't mind. But it really, really grates at me when someone just stamps on something I've had identified for myself for years like it's nothing.

The credits say that is responsible.

I would approach them in-game about this if I knew their contact info, but until then I'm hoping this can stay up until a consensus is made.

EDIT: Confirmed that Vermouth was the site creator and that said site was passed along to the current owner of Couple. Couple and Vermouth have both now pointed me to the individual "Hatobu".

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