Author Topic: What do you guys think of the Occupy movement?  (Read 700 times)

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What do you guys think of the Occupy movement?
«: November 15, 2011, 07:35:27 PM»
as you probably know, protests began a couple months ago on wall street and have spread to other cities, the "99%" claiming to be protesting against the inequality between themselves and the "1%", the lack of jobs, debt, and all of that good stuff.

personally i think they have a start and some good ideas. shit is getting out of control in this country, if you ask me, and something does need to be done. but they aren't focused enough on one issue to get any real change accomplished. you have to do more than just sit around, trash the place and heckle the police, and you have to hone in on one thing instead of being all "WE'RE POOR, U GUYS ARE EBIL, HELP US." i don't think the majority of them represent the people of america who are really struggling. if you can afford to take time out of your job/school/taking care of your family, and own apple products and wireless air cards so you can be on twitter 24/7, you can't be suffering that much.

i'm curious as to what you guys think. is there an occupy protest near you? have you been to one? what've you seen?
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Re: What do you guys think of the Occupy movement?
«Reply #1: November 16, 2011, 12:07:15 AM»
They were talking about moving Occupy LA to the Rose Parade, which is a couple blocks from my bf's apartment. Neither of us are terribly thrilled.

Honestly, I agree with the premise, but disagree with the method.

My biggest issue is with them saying the rich need to be taxed more. It's not the percentage of income that's the problem, but the amount of loopholes those with a high income can use to get out of paying them. I think that if we remove as man of those loopholes as possible, things will start to balance out in the long run.

As for their stance on wanting jobs, I do believe that less money should be allocated to the bigwigs and more into the company itself to hire more people for more productivity.

All in all, I think they need a better method of getting their point across. As you said, sitting around and whining isn't really going to get things done.

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