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9 November 2011, 4:37 pm

Last I heard from her was Sept 08, 2010 when I stopped using FAZ on a day to day basis. I came back and looked through my messages, remembering I had commissioned her back in 2010. She sent me a sketch

So I paid the $25, I sent her my email and dA to contact me at since I wasn't going to be on FAZ a whole lot. She sent me a message saying her tablet was being weird and dying, then I received another one saying it was working again. So I had waited, then I went through a hard point in life and forgot about a lot of things. When I came back I sent her a PM on FAZ and on dA then sent her an email to the email she gave me to send the $25 payment to.

I have not heard from her. I basically asked if had finished the port and if she had, if she would send it.. as I've never received it and hoped she'd still have the file to send. No email back and no notes back.

If anyone knows how to contact her, or can get in contact and link her to this I'd love it. I don't know if she finished and forgot to send... since my name isn't on her commission list anyone... or if she just did the sketch and ran with the money cause I left FAZ for a while. I don't think it's the latter but I would like to know.

I would love to ether get my money back or the port she started finish, if it isn't already, and sent so I can have it. I still can trace in my Paypal the money sent to her.


Noted her new dA asking if it was Kaddie first, I'm going to go from there. I want to be sure it is before I up and talk.

Edit 2:

Got ahold, sent a note asking what was up. Awaiting reply.

Edit 3:

Sent her the sketch, she's going to see if it was done and send or finish and send. This can be locked

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