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BEWARE! Port thief
«: November 09, 2011, 11:00:24 PM»
BEWARE! Port thief
9 November 2011, 8:24 pm

Found a new port thief on the block. She goes by the name of Carly Emery. She stole one of Xai's portraits. I saw the accused in a dream I frequent and before calling out or contacting anyone, I looked around on dA for the port to see if perhaps it had merely been sold. When I found the port still listed as Xai's, I contacted Xai to ask if the port had been sold since I hadn't seen her wearing it for a bit. Here is the log(I was given permission to show):

(20:52:44) Samhayn: Hi, I'm sorry to bother, but I got to ask cause I saw this person with this port and hav eto ask if it was bought off you, cause I seem to remember you having it at some point.  If it was bought I apologize for bothering ^^

(20:53:37) Xai: No and the sig was edited.. x_x; When did you see them?

(20:53:46) Samhayn: They are online now in Yiffy High School

(20:53:56) Samhayn: I can summon you if youw ish, they are right here in the room with me

(20:54:55) Xai: I dunno, would I scare 'em off? X_X

(20:55:35) Samhayn: I dunno. But I just called them out. Need to contact DEP and the artist of the port to have it cleared and the person gotten in trouble

(20:55:40) Xai: I think I need to find a beekin right..

(20:55:43) Xai: summon me please..

(20:55:43) Samhayn: Yea

Once she had confirmed the port was stolen, I called out the accused. Got no response, neither did Xai. Xai has contacted the beekins and is getting in contact with the artist to see about having the port removed.

The port was also obviously stolen when compared against the real one:

She also had another port on the other day, there is no confirmation on it's status as her's or stolen as well. It was of a pink anthro-wolf kinda jumping through the air and what appeared to be a purple underside, possibly in the shape of a heart, and purple hair. Gonna try to get a screenie of it and search for it.

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