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A Small Reminder;
«: November 04, 2011, 03:23:52 PM»
Hello FAM Users,

Lately, we've noticed a small rise in abusing the Report a Thread feature.

We always gladly accept any help that you provide if you see rule breaking such as multiple bumping in a day or aggressive arguments occurring, but we cannot stress enough the importance of using the feature only if absolutely necessary and only if you are confident what you're seeing is in fact a serious problem requiring immediate attention.

I am sending a reminder that using the Report a Thread feature SHOULD NOT be used for reporting a thread you simply want deleted.
If you want to start a new thread, and you already have another thread, simply rename your old thread "Delete, please" or something specifically denoting removal, and we will remove it when we do our annual thread clear outs.

Do not waste our time by sending in a report for deletion. This is not an emergency requiring us all to drop everything and assist with.

Thank you,
FAM Staff
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