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BIS V2.0
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I have to say it's become my favourite dog sim on the internet and if you do decide to join please put my ID in the referral slot it's #744  thank you!
You own your own kennel where It's focus is on breeding the perfect show dog whether it be for conformation, agility, obedience or all three! You can also breed for good health and breed smarter dogs that get through training faster. The current shows take place on the weekends from friday to sunday. The owner is currently taking suggestions for additional features for the site. A few nights ago it went through a site-wipe to start off fresh for everyone once it's 2.0 Version was brought online. So now everyone is on equal footing.
It has beautiful artwork made by the fantastic Kique on deviantart -
Kique has also been hard at work on dynamic images and art for new breeds to be added to the game at some point!
Back in september Kique said there were 104 layers for the German Shepherd and they weren't done yet with adding layers. For anyone who doesn't know what dynamic images are, they are 'layers' that place markings, colours etc on top of a base layer. So you can end up with dogs who are completely unique to others in the game.
These are just some of the breed artwork from the game

German Shepherd

Australian Shepherd


It's a lot of fun and well worth trying out. The game is a lot better than what I can write here so I hope you'll check it out. PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE REFERRAL ID 744 WHILE REGISTERING
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Insert ID 744 as referral number during registering please.