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> Was once a young, beautiful feral  wolf. Always running around full of energy and  loving to snuggle up with his loved ones.  Recently though  he's begun changing and growing into a fine young looking anthro wolf.  His black fur  remaining the same but his pink  patches being replaced mainly by blue on his hands and foot paws. He may have been abit older now but he still kept his young,playful and loving personality.[ Gay  19 years old] (URL:  Ref~ (URL: Alpha of Morning Star Family and  taken by Aron and Amali) Alpha

... I am not sure what to make of this..
As if it weren't confusing enough that a feral wolf grew into an anthro wolf...

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(You see Coraline.)
> one time 5 years ago in dog pound i wanted to sit under that big $!? cherry blossom tree but 5 wolves were there first so i fought them 5 vs 1 on the alt coralline because i didn't have this alt and i gave them an $!? kicking and they all left they just started jumping at me because i wouldn't leave so i just started punching them to the ground and sewing buttons into their corneas while yelling about the other mother

Saw this jewel in AI today.
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> You see a witty, sarcastic, cynical and jaded teenager with brown, poofy hair down to her shoulders. She has side swept bangs. She wears round glasses, a pleated miniskirt, and long combat boots. She has a crush on the guitarist Trent Lane and GUITARISTS ARE SO MUCH HOTTER THAN FOOTBALL PLAYERS LIKE KEVIN. Ahem..

Just...I don't even know..