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«: October 27, 2011, 09:05:07 AM»
I honestly don't even touch furc anymore, but  I used to wonder why people hated me so much. I used to wonder why people deliberately chose to troll me and make me so mad, I'd do nothing but freak out and make a HUGE scene.. Haha. I was going through old logs, scam threads I had made or that had been made about me. The way I acted, the things that I said. Sometimes were valid, I simply didn't go about them in the most adult way. As I'm reading through the obnoxious things I did to people, or treated them because I had more, Im glancing back and thinking.. "my god, that was 4 years ago... bahaha." 

Anyway, I truly do feel some people on this site deserve a huge apology from me and if we had any uncleared business, I would love to be PM'd to discuss the issue.

Oh and you know who you are, I hope what I said to you years ago, finally made you realize why you AFK alone and she left you for me! =) don't you ever message me, ever.

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There was no need to post a topic like this. Instead you should've just PM'd the people you wanted to speak with.

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