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12 October 2011, 4:39 pm

I've never really felt the need to make one of these before but this person has gone through so many accounts I don't know who to contact for my refund.

I originally commissioned handcraft @ dA for four portraits back in Feb, I paid upfront with four spaces. Needless to say I haven't got my art.

I've been VERY patient while waiting for said art, there have been a few issues with her not wanting to do remap, but thats okay we chose nonremap instead. ..I still haven't heard anything(no WIPS at all. I'm assuming she never even started).

So I asked for a refund in early Aug, still no refund.

They went from handcraft > fourteen > milkfromcows > dinj(all dA accounts).

I think the account “fourteen” was sold to someone else.

Heres what their art looks like apparently(this was given as an example of their nonremap ports)->

Does anybody know how I can get in contact with her? I left the account ‘dinj’ another note today(that’s the more recent account I believe) but yeah. I’m not sure if theres another account floating out there.

I'm not really sure what her furc name is/was(one account mentions her new character was "Cow" but that's dated back to April) but she was mentioned on these forums before -

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