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Stelian/PortraiArt? Solved.
«: October 14, 2011, 11:01:03 PM»
Stelian/PortraiArt? Solved.
19 September 2011, 5:43 pm

So back in April I had commissioned Stelian a port for Honeybee, I paid for it up front and got my place in line. Everyone elses seemed to be done and rather quickly infront of me and then it came to my name in the line and then..just nothing. I had gotten whispers via furc saying that she was sick, or the computer was dead. Okay, every day problems, thats fine, then it went of for a few months where I wouldn't get any updates so I had to start whispering in game for it, last I heard she was moving and I was gonna get my port in mid is now Late September and now 5 months since commissioning this..

Does anyone know what has happened to her? Cause I have asked for a refund via furc and dA now and none have been replied to.

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