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Unpaid for Animated Port - Stacy Blackpaw
«: October 14, 2011, 11:01:01 PM»
Unpaid for Animated Port - Stacy Blackpaw
2 September 2011, 2:22 pm

On the 22nd of August, I met a furre - Stacy Blackpaw - who needed a port artist for an animated port. Though the price is low for my normal price (15$ compared to my usual 20-25), I needed the cash (as everyone does) and decided to do it. When it came time to pay, I sent her the port under the thought that she had already made the payment, or was prepared to. Different times of being on is a bit of a hinderence. However, it is now September 2nd, and I've not received payment. I gave her today as a deadline, and I've not even seen her online since the 29th.

She has ALREADY UPLOADED this portrait, before payment. Her excuse is that "her bank is taking a while". Formerly, when she'd gone missing for a few days, her excuse then was that she was 'in Texas.'

I have no permission to post logs. Does anyone know if she uses an alt, or have you dealt with this apparent scammer before?

I've already submitted an e-mail to the Guardians, but who knows how long that'll take...

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