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Therianthrope: possible release of a dream?
«: October 14, 2011, 11:01:01 PM»
Therianthrope: possible release of a dream?
5 September 2011, 9:37 pm

okay, there's a bit of a long story to this.

a long time ago i worked with two people, therianthrope and Taniel Jazz, on a dream called Severalls Institute. i did the patches, therianthrope did the dragonspeak, and Taniel Jazz did the layout. for various reasons the dream fell through and started collecting dust. i released most of the items i made for this dream here.

fast forward a bit, i join a dream that therianthrope made, Dry Times Mental Hospital. after a few months of roleplaying in it, me and two friends decide to leave and make our own mental hospital, and leave therianthrope to his own business, so we made East Haven Mental Hospital. he has been trying to take down my dream in many, many avenues, from getting the guardians because i 'stole his patches' (which i didn't, and the final word from the guardians was that i did not), and has also been trying to take down my forums for 'intellectual property theft,' though the moderators at this website have told me that i haven't done this, either. we left him unbanished at first but after i discussed it with my co-owners we decided it was best that he was banished. he gets very, very angry at this decision.

now, he is threatening to release Severalls Institute. while i don't much care about the fact that my patches are being released, there are many issues with this. firstly, that he has not gotten permission to release the layout Taniel Jazz made (his doesn't play furcadia much anymore, but still), as well as the patches for severalls were not 100% custom. i released the ones that were, but there were a few that were not. in the patch file, there are objects by Shinzuzu, as well as some doors in the file that were not used in the dream but i'm really not sure where they're from. there are also a few little items in the patch that therianthrope added in but were never used, and i'm not sure where they're from. i also edited the grand majority of the walls from silon, a reason why i didn't release the walls. the rest are from the DS patch. deedlit's fireflies were used, though she seems okay with re-release.

there are also human locals in the file which i did not make or edit. the portraits i used were edited from binkari's female and male ports, and the descriptions obviously say do not redistribute these, so i did not. the avatars themselves are alluvial's and kaelin'yfae's respectively, but i'm not sure what the re-release policy is.

lastly, i believe in the version of the dream he's using has the midi Mad World, which was actually a midi made by my friend khromatic and i don't think she would appreciate this being re-released.

i have no qualms with him releasing his DS file, though i would be wary of this because he accused me of stealing his ejection log DS, even though my dream doesn't use speech recording at all.

basically saying with this post is is if you find this dream up for download, know that it was put up in some childish rage and there are parts of it with questionable content. if he actually gets permission to release these parts, fine, but as of right now i very much doubt he does.

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