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Lurking Art Thief of Many Names
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Lurking Art Thief of Many Names
23 August 2011, 8:40 pm


Recently discovered an art/alt thief of many names, and many of which I have proof are this person, as we were friends at one point and they showed me many of their alts. I never noticed just how many were stolen / ripped alts with art and a very similar name. The names this person are most frequently spotted on are as follows. If you recognize any of them to being close as yours, I would keep an eye out and assure yourself they haven't stolen your paid-for commissions and/or gift art.

Qualify, Thorium, Airuu, Avela, Basque, Canela, Emo Cutie, Glyyneri, Jadeey, Pyroxene, Tavish, Slaany.  Notice a lot of double letters, much? Stolen names, I bet. 'uu' 'yy' 'ee' 'aa'.... the list goes on.

Logs Providing Partial Proof

Qualify: This. The art isn't mine but using it with permission [Lie Number 1] - According to the previous owner of this alt::

Dmitri: in fact, the one on qualify is used without permission

Dmitri: lol, he tried to jack qualify

Dmitri: he mad an alt just like it

Dmitri: *made

Dmitri: used her art, ripped my desc and everything, and a friend tipped me off

More Logs of Qualify Admitting

Jinxi: But he did tell me the truth.  

Qualify: This is a conspiracy against me innit?  

Jinxi: I'm just gonna go.

Qualify: So you have an issue with me because I wasn't born the gender I wanted to be? D:<  

Jinxi: I have an issue with you because you stole someone elses face.

Qualify: Welcome to the internet. :o  

Qualify: People do that all the time.  

Qualify: Look around Furcadia  

Qualify: people use other people's art  

Qualify: for no reason  

--Qualify seems to feel that he may justify his theft and pretending to be a young teenage girl to hit on lesbians, by saying 'it's the internet, lulz. Everyone does it!'--

Qualify: So yes, I'm a male irl. Not by choice tbh.

Qualify: Nobody asked me what gender I want to be born as D:<

Jinxi: Wait, but. >: Like.. One of your alts had RL pics in it. >.<

Qualify: I know

Jinxi: But

Jinxi: like

Jinxi: they're female

Jinxi: so... ):

Jinxi: You're pretending to be a girl? ><

Qualify: Is that so hard to understand?

Qualify: I want to be a female?

Qualify: But I can't be for several reasons?

Jinxi: That's fine but like.. Lying about it.. =/ I'd rather someone just.. not display their true gender than pretend to be someone they're not, with pics and everything...

Jinxi: I'm not a fan of liars.. ):

Qualify: Well. Many people just bully and harass males that want to be females

Qualify: I've been a target to such harasses

Qualify: I have reasons for everything.

Jinxi: You shouldn't use someone elses face...

Qualify: Well Kruel figured it out.

Qualify: Know how?

Jinxi: that's identity theft in a way

Qualify: we did a trade on paypal

Qualify: I bought this alt from him

Jinxi: I know

Qualify: he got my names from paypal

Qualify: googled em

Qualify: found me on facebook

Qualify: nuff said

Jinxi: Not really. What you're doing is wrong, hun. I DO understand and I DON'T judge your wants.

Jinxi: However

Jinxi: Stealing someone elses face...

Jinxi: That's messed up. It's not okay.

Qualify: I'm sorry? o_o

Qualify: Yeah, you're right.

Qualify: Still.

Qualify: idc really about using some camwhore's pictures to conceal my identity

Prior, on his alt Thorium... I mentioned what nice art one of his characters had and received this as a response.

Jinxi: Why is all the art on your chars so hawt :o

Thorium: like.

Thorium: WELP

Thorium: I never said I own this art.

Thorium: I mean

Thorium: 80% of my characters have original art.

Thorium: This one and Slaany don't x3


Thorium: NOW I DONT :<

And we're not talking random ass, anime pic, google image. We're talking digital art clearly drawn as someone else's OC.
-EXAMPLE of art that was stolen, as he said he did not own this: ALSO NSFW -

I think this is about enough to cover what this moron is doing. He has more than willingly admitted what he's done, and it's plainly obvious he can't be trusted. Watch out for your art. If he takes a liking, he'll take more than just that.

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