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6 August 2011, 5:03 pm

Might not exactly make an 'art alert' buuut.

This happened a couple of weeks ago. I assigned someone a commission. She said she'd do it cheap, 10 gd, and it would take 3 days.

It had been a week by this time, and she had barely gotten anything done. All she'd do was say 'it isn't done' and she'd always try to squeeze out of it because of irl issues.

Finally, it had been three weeks. This was a pathetically easy commission and I had finally been fed up with waiting, as she had taken too long. This is seven times as long as the deadline she had given me. I had added her on pounce and I finally contacted her. I was told that this person was a new owner of the alt. I asked who had sold the alt to them, and they replied, 'Chiva'.

I didn't report this as soon as it happened, because I figured I would be able to get a hold of this Chiva person. I never did.

Can anyone please explain what is going on?

EDIT: I talked with jaguar. We had a nice lengthy talk about how this person was quite a well known scammer, Pae. Also after some more research, we learned that Chiva was an old alt of Alyssa, who has quite the notoriety, I hear. Whether the two chivas are the same is still yet to  be confirmed. Since I know this was definitely a scam attempt and the artist has not attempted to contact me after I made this thread, we can assume that this person may be a scammer. If you guys will, I'd like a staff to lock this topic please.

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