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Flaired stolen
«: September 16, 2011, 01:05:36 PM»
Alright, so I've noticed that my alt Flaired has been stolen from me.
I contacted the guardians a week ago, no response whatsoever.

I've tried a password recovery, but I get no emails from furcadia on any of my email accounts (I have a document of all of my email accounts and passwords, so I know I checked them all).

I created the alt Flaired, he has a portrait with art done by me, and I've never told anyone my passwords. When I trade alts, I change the password to something unrelated to my current password.

Any ideas who has him or some way you can help?

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Re: Flaired stolen
«Reply #1: September 16, 2011, 02:40:23 PM»
You've already done everything you're supposed to do. The only thing you can really do at this point is wait for a guardian response. Was your password something that was easily guessed, like a simple word, a name or something on this list? If so, I highly recommend changing how you create passwords, and reevaluate the ones you still have so it doesn't happen again.

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