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Alt Tack - Buying Rules
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This is copied from the selling rules just to make it clear that the rules still apply to this subforum as well. It has been edited slightly to better fit the theme of this board.

Alt Tack Buying Rules
  • Each member of FAM is only allowed one thread.
    a.   If for some strange reason you have the inability to edit your original thread, please make it apparent to staff it is time to remove your original posting.
           i.   This can be done by changing the subject to "DELETE PLEASE." Or via PM if you are completely unable to edit your post.
  • Bumping your thread.
    a.   No excessive chatting in threads.
           i.   Within reason, you can chitchat, but if an admin has to step in and ask you to slow down, please respect this. It is up to the individual admin what they consider excessive - use your head.
    b.   If you only bump your threads, you may bump once every 72 hours (3 days).
           i.   A BUMP means to "Bring Up My Post" - posting only for the sake of bringing your post up to the top of the forum.
          ii.   Bumping is NOT considered chatting, and usually consists of things like the following: The word "bump", random images, emoticons, adding a post to indicate every update, anything else not related to a discussion going on in the thread.
  • No false advertising.
  • General Talk in for Sale/Buying threads
    a. Chatting in any for sale or selling will no longer be tolerated. The only posts that are allowed in those threads should be the thread creator bumping and people posting in the thread to make offers.
          i.     Any comments made in the thread to harass, or otherwise discourage someone from purchasing an alt or dealing with the seller is not allowed. Please make use of the review feature to relay bad encounters.
  • Do not post in old threads. - This practice is often called "thread necromancy" and will not be tolerated on the site.
    a. The exception being if it's an old thread that is still active. Check the post date on the last post that belongs to the person who created the original post for the thread. If the last post was a month or more ago, don't post.
  • False Advertisement
    a.   The Alt Tack Buying is strictly for BUYING alts.
           i.   This means don't list anything you're not 100% sure on offering.
  • Thread Content.
    a.     The "Buying" section is strictly for looking for a general type of alt, IE: dogs, pokemon, anthro ported.
           i.       If you are looking for a specific alt (Steve, Butt, Mary, etc.) that is NOT listed in the database, it belongs in the Unarchived section.
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