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10 July 2011, 3:43 pm

I've never had to do this before - but here we go. About a month ago I was approached by Reiya in-game asking about my commissions. I had her send all her info to my Furaffinity. At the time, she also commissioned my friend Kait, who did her part faster than me. Everything with Kait and Reiya went smoothly.

About 10 days after I received the note on Furaffinity, I finished the port and sent her a note with it. Later that day "Mohawk" whispered me saying she was Reiya's friend, and that Reiya was busy that day and would pay on the next. I said that was fine.

My note on Furaffinity was read, but never responded to. When Reiya got online the following day, I whispered her immediately inquiring about payment. I received no response. For the next week I tried to contact her to no avail. I finally sent her a message on Furaffinity stating that she had no right to use the portrait in question and that I was going to resell it. This message was never read. And its been another week.

There's nothing I can do really, so I just let this serve as a warning.

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