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Do people really hack?
«: February 09, 2012, 09:23:27 PM»
I was reading the report/scams thread and I know it is common for people to believe they are hacked and majority of the cases are just mistakes. The mistake scams are probably on the high percent of what happens to alts. I understand how it seems stupid and pointless for someone to spend so much time just for a pixel that has no real world value. It's just insane.

But is it possible?

I do think so. Why? I actually use to know someone who did try to take peoples alts. This person did try to get their emails and passwords and take their alts to sell the items or just to play a trick. Why did this person do this? They didn't have a life honestly. They never did anything socially and always sat at home on furcadia. I'm guessing they were just simply bored.

Cases like these do happen. So, my question is. What is the communities opinion? Do you think there are people who would waste so much time and effort to probably have to give it up anyways ( like most of the cases where alts go missing and some one else randomly ends up with it). As much as it doesn't make any sense to me, I did have a close look to someone who, I believe, did try to hack peoples things. Someone who was purposely looking for any type of error or anything possible to get them in.

So, even with the idea it is impossible to hack an alt. Could there be people who hunt for mistakes or maybe even opportunities to take advantage of someone?

[Let's try to not mention any names of anyone people may believe to be hackers/scammers. I'm not trying to point fingers at anyone, I do not plan on using any names of the examples I give or hint to who I may be talking about. I'm not looking for a flame war. Just a serious discussion.]

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #1: February 10, 2012, 12:28:12 AM»
If you're talking about alt hacks... They're really uncommon if they're actual hacks at all.
You have to waste time and effort to just get back at someone and it's fucking sad.

But most alt hacking is 'fruitless'. Because really unless someone knows how much gd or how many lifers you have, they're going to go after the name.

People with big ticket names like Cat, Dragon, Dog, Bitch, and every single first generation pokemon name are bombarded with password change requests every day. Unless someone takes the time to develop the software to exploit some loophole in the game its pretty much just going about, faking friends to get info to take what's unimportant.

General hacking, as in taking screen names and accounts from other sites and what have you.
It's common practice.
People 'hack' deviantart names to use as their own when/if successful.
People do the same for AIM screenames and pretty much for any social networking site that could be turned into a profit.

As you can see, there are SEVERAL areas in the junkyard selling their 'hacked' wares.
Unless your own personal information is getting screwed with, its really not a big deal here.
There are entire communities dedicated to hacking things to use and resell, and these people who you claim to not have lives, actually use this as their main method of income.

While it might not be admirable to you, I can bet once or twice in your lifetime you wished you could have something someone wasn't using.

And if you know where to look, you could get just that.

But those places are a lot grittier and sketchier than FAM, and I wouldn't recommend them for the lighthearted.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #2: February 10, 2012, 09:41:00 AM»
Do people really hack? Yes.

I'd say it is possible and anyone can do it.

Nexon America INC. had their database seized by some hackers some months ago and many players lost ALL the equipment/gear/characters/gold etc... And since then, people started to quit playing because of poor security measures on Nexon's part.

As for Furcadia, I haven't been hacked... yet. I do constantly change my passwords every month for ALL the characters I own and write them down on paper, I don't store them on my comp... Because you never know.

But still, if it's not claimed as a hack, then how did it happen? These stories people leave behind seems pretty legit, like the Neiva/Attraction hacking or the Disease alt hacking. If they did say their passwords were totally unguessable, no one else but THEM plays the alt... Then who done it? Unless there's some fault in the system or something happened in between those lines... It's probably a hacking.

That or someone guessed their password really good. -shrugs-

Either way, my answer is final. Yes, people do hack.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #3: February 10, 2012, 01:04:12 PM»
For other games/programs, what most people consider hacking is more commonplace than you think. However, many of these are accomplished generally by phishing emails or keyloggers, both of which are fairly ineffective on Furcadia (especially the latter, since most players tend to opt out of typing in their passwords manually).

You RARELY see people brute-force hacking for video games anyway. What most people consider "hacking" on Furcadia is generally a misstep, such as forgetting to change an email, someone accessing their computer, or having a simple password. I have also seen instances where someone has sold an alt and then reported it stolen to receive it back.

Really, look over the alert forum. Look at how many "hacks" are just missteps on the OP's part. You'll have a hard time finding a true hack on Furcadia. I think the one major exception was when Furcadia's databases were accessed, and a number of alts/passwords were compromised, but that's about the extent of what I've seen.

So for this particular program, possible, but INCREDIBLY unlikely.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #4: February 10, 2012, 03:47:49 PM»
There are entire communities dedicated to hacking things to use and resell, and these people who you claim to not have lives, actually use this as their main method of income.

I was talking about a particular person who I knew that did makes friends to take their things. That person didn't have a life, those people you mention are not what I was speaking of. Just to clarify.

As for the rest, so it would be fair to say people who do befriend others on furc to take their items is a low percentage?

And let's say, there was no misstep involved to someone losing an alt. If that alt is missing and everything is checked out to have been right. There is a very unlikely, probably near 0% chance, it was done randomly? I guess what I am asking is, is it possible for someone to randomly take an alt on furc or is it probably someone you thought was a friend? ( IF there is zero missteps and that has proven to be true.)

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #5: February 10, 2012, 08:29:04 PM»
Its such a low percentage that it's in the decimals.

The people who end up practicing that sort of scam are outed almost immediately, whether or not they are active members of the community here.

Although FAM isn't affiliated with any of DEP, the guidelines provided for old and new users proves to be a lot more helpful than running around like a chicken with its head cut off and spluttering at the beekins.

If it happens to be a random guess that gets through to your stuff, it means one thing, step up your security and continually change your password every month or so.


Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #6: February 12, 2012, 07:22:28 PM»
Is it possible? Yes.

Do I believe it happens on furcadia/FAM all that often? No.

90% of the time it seems to be some stupidity/carlessness on the owners part. ie:
-Leaving your FAM up on a computer elsewhere without logging out
-Sharing your alts(this is still utterly stupid to me)
-Changing passwords before emails
-Losing things with valuable info on it


Some names ARE worth quite a bit of money(Not 1,000+ dollars though. Yeah no.) In the 100-250+ range. Names ALONE. Not INCLUDING what you have on them. So its a quick way to make cash if you can get a hold of em.

In situations like that I feel like maybe you shouldn't broadcast/flaunt around/etc all your alts (list them). You wouldn't wave around 500 dollars you're carrying on you. It makes you an easy target.

If you aren't going to trade them. Why not list them as private? Then UAL people can still know SOMEONE has them and you don't have to worry about being a prime target. I can only imagine how many attempted hacks -some- people on here have had to deal with.
[Not saying don't list 1 or 2 (some people want that alt rated in "rate the alt above you etc" but like...all 30+ token alts??]

But even if a person DOES NOT list them privately and are prime targets again it really seems like it's some sad mistake on the owners part.

As far as I can tell some of the top-dogs(alt traders with heavily worth while names) have been fine for this long...and their alts are worth WAY more than the ones being claimed to getting hacked soooo....again....It's got to be some fault on another persons end and usually, it is.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #7: February 12, 2012, 08:49:05 PM»
I honestly think what most people think hacking is (with regards to furcadia) and what hacking actually is are two very different things.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #8: February 12, 2012, 11:01:44 PM»
I honestly think what most people think hacking is (with regards to furcadia) and what hacking actually is are two very different things.

I was actually gonna bring this up but decided that my compuspeak probably wouldn't go over well.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #9: March 03, 2012, 09:14:07 AM»
it's already happened, so obviously furc can be hacked. does it happen often? absolutely no.

the community is so small however and mostly teens, and there's really no point considering furc doesn't have an in-game monetary system that doesn't involve real money (as opposed to something like gaia online, ragnarok, neopets, etc. which get hacked all the time). there's no way to make a profit from the ground up hacking furcadia, so it rarely happens.

people who hack THIS game are just in it to troll, since with the small community MOST alts that are worth anything are in use (at least i'm pretty sure).



Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #10: March 19, 2012, 07:33:38 PM»
The one time Furcadia was hacked, it had been a White Hat Hacker, meaning nobody had really been at risk. The person had tried to bring it to the attention of the DEP, but his claims for the most part were apparently ignored (According to Him). As a result, he decided to show them the flaw. As far as I know, passwords weren't being properly encrypted and as such it made it fairly easy to get into for anyone with the adequate knowledge to do so. However, considering how many years Furcadia ran prior to someone taking notice, I doubt it was really that easy. The problem itself has been resolved, so it's doubtful it will happen again.

As it's been stated, the majority of people who claim to have been hacked were at fault themselves. Using the same password for more than one thing can result in huge problems. A hacker is roughly defined as anyone who accesses something without permission. There are many ways to do that. Though it's not a particularly large problem on Furcadia due to the auto-login system, on numerous other games players attempt to use Keyloggers to record another's keystrokes in order to remotely access their email and such. This is usually done by sending an executable file to another player. Another common method would be using a Brute Force to try and guess the player's password. This usually runs the player's username with a list of roughly 36000 of the most common passwords in order to attempt to gain access to the account. Another method of brute forcing will attempt to guessing the password, by trying every possible combination. This usually only works on players with ridiculously easy to guess passwords, as it would take years to guess a password with capitals numbers and digits. The second method is rather obsolete.

Though I don't realistically see Furcadia itself being hacked in the near future, a while back a former employee had suggested that it would be easier to re-code Furcadia entirely than to continue trying to fix what had already been written. Which leads me to believe that anyone with enough knowledge would be able to take advantage of faulty coding.
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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #11: May 22, 2012, 12:26:41 PM»
I honestly think what most people think hacking is (with regards to furcadia) and what hacking actually is are two very different things.

this. when someone "hacks" an alt on furcadia, it isn't the same as "hacking" into the FBI database or something. more often than not, it's just people who create easy to guess passwords or some shit like abc123.

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Re: Do people really hack?
«Reply #12: May 24, 2012, 10:25:42 PM»
Lots of people hack, and if you ask me it's a sick thing. But I guess the best thing to do is use a different password for everything and maybe even a different e-mail as well. It's best to be safe.
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