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19 June 2011, 1:37 pm

I think it's high time we all stopped pussy-footing around this issue.

Situation goes like this:

Commission, around late 2009 - almost two years now!

Pay for commission.

Get sob story about something pertaining to parents making us be a grown-up and pay our own bills.

Wait more for commission while other commissions are being slotted.

Get promises for refunds or extra art for waiting until after boot camp.

Boot camp comes, except instead of lasting 8 weeks, it lasts like 4 months.

Wait some more.

Finally get an update, wherein people who legitimately made art alerts are being villainized for wondering where the hell their money and/or art is. More promises for commissions or refunds.

Wait some more.

Update again, with plenty of QQ and cryface about how life sucks. More promises.

Wait again.

Start getting pissed off and demanding refunds or art.

Update involving lots of depressing shit in an attempt to gain an audience, which works for a minute. Several pieces of "personal art", yet *gasp* no commissions.

More waiting, followed by total disregard. Facebook messages are ignored, DA messages are ignored, even when online status shows up as being ONLINE.

That's pretty much the extent of it, and this same story belongs to a lot of people. I doubt she's going to show her sorry hide around here again any time soon, but if she pops up with a bunch of QQ and crycry about not being able to pay bills and shit and puts on another "Xapphic Stanza" or bananaganza or wtfever, I'd suggest nobody buy into that again.

There's a real assload of people who have been waiting nearly two years now to no end, and are out like a few hundred bucks. Lots of other people practically hemorrhaged money into her PayPal because they were promised extra extra art and animated ports and special gifts and now anybody who has ever been caught up in this is royally dicked.

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