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I didn't know where to put this, since this website is about alts, and my question is regarding alts, I figured, why not ask? x)

If your doing an alt trade with a user and receive an alt, if you change the password via the Internet and confirm the email, will it change the characters password and if the old owner opens the character in Furcadia, would it say the password is wrong?

Or, is there a way to completely change a characters password using the Internet of an iPod? <3

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Re: Alts
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First off, you need to change the email FIRST, so the old email doesn't receive the notification of what the password was changed to.

And yes, if they try to log in after you've changed the password, it will give them an error that the password is incorrect.

The way to change a password on an iPod is the same as on the computer, since the iPod grabs regular pages rather than mobile pages.

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