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Sparkling Falls - Fixed, please lock
«: May 11, 2011, 11:00:05 AM»
Sparkling Falls - Fixed, please lock
11 May 2011, 10:36 am

I was informed this morning that one of the ports I made for a local in Cypress Homes was uploaded in the dream Sparkling Falls.  I went to check it out and on their =local9 (which is a Jynx?) was uploaded the raccoon portrait I made.



Some of their other ports also look pretty suspicious to me.

"Duck" local:

"Rat" local:

I asked the person at the desk (Xiomn) who was responsible for it, and they declined to speak to me directly, instead speaking with Cypress Homes' co-owner through whispers, who came with me.  Xiomn told the co-owner (Abel) that they would do their best to remove the portrait if it was indeed stolen but didn't have the power to do it right now, and said that they would keep me updated.  I let Xiomn know that I would be writing up an art alert about it, and that I would also post something similar on Sparkling Falls' forums.

I've been unable to contact the owner of the dream directly as of yet (she's been AFK for many hours) but I'm trying to get in contact with a guardian right now as well.

If anyone has any idea who might have done this, please please let me know, because this portrait wasn't the only one I made in this set and if they stole this one, they could have stolen others.  Also, if anyone can identify the other questionable locals (linked above) as ripped or legitimate, that would be helpful too.

Edit:  It's come to my attention that this is a glitch.  We couldn't replicate the portrait appearing when we reconnected on a character that hadn't been to CH that session.  This is an awfully strange glitch but it also means that SF did nothing wrong.  Please lock or remove this topic so as not to incriminate SF wrongly.

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