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Stolen art?
«: April 02, 2011, 05:00:11 PM»
Stolen art?
2 April 2011, 3:36 pm

A friend of mine on Furcadia told me today that a friend of hers made her some free art.  She linked it to us in public and it was clear to all of us who were there that it was not original.  She said that her friend said she had a DA, but couldn't remember what it was or if she was taking commissions.  Here are the pieces (they're quite large so just click on the links) -

Original #1:¤t=Msolat-0da387ad673f036e5fe8b2bbcc627d82.png

Trace #1:

And the background:

Rip #2:

I don't want to name the person or accuse them of anything until I get a chance to talk to them and notify them about this thread, since it's not confirmed that they're making money off the pieces - just that they are indeed claiming that they made them from scratch.  I just want to know if anyone can identify these pieces of art so we can find the originals and if I could have some third-party opinions on whether they seem stolen or not.  If I can't get a hold of them in a day or two I'll release their name and we can try to find their DA.

Thanks for any help I receive in this matter :>

Edit: Found the original for the first one - still looking for the original for the second.

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