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Feral Portrait Art Contest!
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Feral Portrait Art Contest!
21 December 2010, 3:58 am

Hey guys. I figured holding a contest would be fun and I'd get a ton of ports for abolished. So Why not.

Here's how it all works.


What's it about?

- You'll being doing ports for moved art to a different alt Beaten ref --> character info and stuff there. kay thanks

What are being judged on?

- Quality

- Unique idea's (poses,backgrunds,ect)

- theme is darkness. (you'll be judged on how dark/scary/evil this is)


- 1st: 50 golden dragon scales. (scales not paypal)

- 2nd: Life ferian of your choice.

- 3rd: I'll buy an expiring of your choice.

Sounds fun no? to enter sayy you'll enter here and send me link in a PM when its done!

All entries due on feb. 6th.  

entry 1 - mt

entry 2 - doggie

entry 3 - fu

entry 4 - dibit

entry 5 - sludge

entry 6 - hospital

entry 7 - aime

entry 8 - meenkns

entry 9 - vet

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